Star salespeople

Star salespeople are sometimes called ‘rainmakers’.

They have the skills, tenacity, determination and pure grit to connect with prospects and turn them into customers.

Most salespeople are order-takers. Order-takers respond to enquiries, but they will not take the initiative. Order-takers will not inspire your prospects to become customers and your customers to become raving fans! If your business is stuck in the Covid19 mud you need the best sales talent on your side not order-takers.

How do you recruit a rainmaker for your business?

Rainmakers are not looking for jobs – they are working.

Rainmakers do not post CVs on job boards or respond to job listings – they are pitching.

Rainmakers do not depend on recruiters to find opportunities – they make things happen.

There is only one proven way to find a rainmaker.

Research your industry, find the top sales performers and pitch them on the great opportunity to work in your company – in other words, find them, sell them and steal them from your competitors.

At The Sales Experts we understand salespeople and sales recruitment. We wrote the book on sales – actually, we wrote two books on sales and have created hundreds of sales training programs. We understand the experience, traits and personality of the rainmaker. Our recruitment process is simple but not easy. We put in the hours to research your industry, find the most experienced, proven sales talent available – then we sell your opportunity!

We get results!

We have a simple, straight-forward process that get best in class results. We have a five-star Google-ratingand have placed hundreds of top performers. Our pricing is reasonable and competitive and we guarantee our results.

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