Our services are backed by our 100% Guarantee!

We fully guarantee all of our sales recruitment services – if the candidate leaves for any reason in the first three months we will find a replacement guaranteed – 100%

We also stand by the REC code of ethics.

The Sales Experts provides the highest quality Global Sales Recruitment services supported by our offices in London, Manchester, New York, Los Angles and Sydney.

The vast majority of the candidates we place are currently working and not actively searching for a new role. The fact is that the best salespeople are NEVER unemployed. After all if a top sales performer can’t sell themselves should they really be given the responsibility of selling your business?

We don’t think so!

We exclusively headhunt top talent. We don’t find jobs for candidates we find the best salespeople for our clients.

Our consultants rarely have less than 15 years of direct sales experience and are leaders in their industries.

We don’t hire fresh graduates to recruit for your business! Ever!

Our recruitment consultants work with the client, using our five step process, to define the role and skills required and then manage ever aspect of the search. We don’t outsource candidate search. We wouldn’t do that to your business!

We live selling and to make sure that never changes each of our consultants spends part of their time training salespeople how to sell better, helping companies design better sales processes, and speaking to groups and organizations about sales success.

We can deliver the best service in the industry at very reasonable fees.

The stats!

99% of our placements stay at least one year in the same role
87% of our placements stay in the same role for at least two years
99% of our clients are returning clients

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