Cold Call Magic Home Study Program

A Power Program to Explode Cold Calling Results for Sales Professionals and Entrepreneurs

Learn to pick up the phone, get past the gatekeeper, and close more business!

Self Study Program just £19.95

The Cold Calling Magic is that Cold Calling done intelligently actually delivers incredible sales results. Cold calling is an essential stage and important technique in the selling process. Cold calling skills are also useful in many aspects of business and work communications outside of sales activities and the selling function.

Cold Calling is action!

Wyn Nathan Davis

Managing Director, The Sales Experts Ltd

The Rainmaker Cold Calling Program

Quality cold calling – performed properly and not as merely an indiscriminate ‘numbers game’ – is a foundation and highly transferable capability, whose basic principles are found in the business arsenals of all great entrepreneurs and leaders. In essence cold calling is the art of approaching someone, professionally, openly and meaningfully, with a sensible proposition. All great entrepreneurs and leaders possess this ability or they would not have become successful. Cold calling enables success, chiefly because cold calling is strongly focused on initiative and action.

What You Get

You will receive the entire program via email within hours of placing your order. A power packed PDF 50-page training manual and a 60-minute Audio program compatible with all computers and mobile devices.
Study this program and you will be able to:

  • Survive the critical first 3 seconds when most Cold Calls are instantly rejected
  • Working with ‘Adaptive Unconsciousness’ to engage with your prospect
  • Use effective power phrases to gain appointments
  • Be poised and confident when cold calling
  • Use language that gets prospects excited
  • Appeal to buyers’ needs, wants, and interests
  • Maintain a positive attitude toward cold calling
  • Make sure you have the essential “must knows” before you pick up the phone
  • The key methods to get past gatekeepers
  • Why you should never leave voice mail messages
  • Leverage nine principles to strengthen relationships
  • Use prospecting tools for new business development
  • Use Daily Activity Sheets and Opportunity
  • Charts to increase your effectiveness

All programs include a printable certificate from The London Sales Academy as evidence of course enrollment and completion. This certificate can be include as part of your resumé or presented to your manager demonstrating your commitment to selling skills improvement.

How to Cold Call and Build New Customers

Cold calling has never been tougher. As soon as the prospect figures out you’re a sales person the immediate responses are “no budget,” “we’re in a purchasing freeze”, or “call me in six months if things are any better.” This happens within the first three seconds.

But we all know that there is always money available to buy something that provides real value to the prospect. The trick is to get your value proposition in front of the prospect in such a compelling way that you turn off the automatic “no” response.

Do you really struggle with Cold Calling? So did we!

In frustration, we scheduled an entire month to read everything that had ever been written on Cold Calling and tested the ideas that seemed to make the most sense. Combined with our history of selling, in-person and on the telephone we crafted a different approach and results skyrocketed. ‘I went from booking one or two appointments from an entire day of Cold Calling to booking twenty-two appointments during one seven-hour day.’ Wyn Nathan Davis

The best part!

‘By far the best part of this new approach is that I felt good about myself and felt that I had
been sincerely engaging with the people I had called.’ Wyn Nathan Davis

Who Should Purchase This Program?

Sales people, account executives, appointment setters, inside sales representatives, and sales managers – anyone who wants to develop new business through successful cold calling.

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