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Selling is important to all of us at The Sales Experts. We launched The Sales Academy to deliver customised sales training programs – both live events and downloadable self-study sales training programs.

We understand salespeople and know that the process towards excellence does not end with recruitment. Investing in ongoing training is essential to you sales process. Call us at +44 020 7536 5591 to discuss your needs.

The benefits of bespoke sales training are that you have greater control. Training tailored to deal with real current issues that are affecting your business. The Sales Experts will help to ensure that your investment in training returns significant benefits. Benefits include:

Increased motivation
Greater confidence
Improved sales results
Increased profitability
Presentations skills
Cold calling techniques
One-to-one coaching
Professional services

It’s estimated that only 20% of any sales force will reach their annual quotas – regardless of industry. Learn what the very best salespeople know and get the performance and the rewards you want.

Bespoke training courses are also available and are designed to your specification and tailor-made to meet your needs to help your team beat the odds!

To arrange a meeting to discuss your training needs in more detail Connect via the connect page or call our London office at 020 7536 5591

Wyn Nathan Davis

Managing Director, The Sales Experts Ltd