The Sales Experts specialise in the recruitment of mid-level to senior sales, Head-of-Sales and Sales Director professionals. We headhunt top sales performers from your competitors or businesses selling into the same target market as our clients.

Unlike most recruiters, we don’t place job postings and filter CVs/Résumés. We research your industry’s top performers, approach them directly and pitch them on your opportunity. We then interview the strongest candidates before completing a full sales assessment. Then we present only those candidates with proven sales success.

Perhaps the best way to understand our unique approach to Sales Recruitment is to understand that The Sales Experts are not Recruiters that specialise in Sales Recruitment, rather, we are Sales Specialists that recruit the very best sales professionals globally.

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Questions and Answers about our approach to Sales Recruitment

What Are Your fees?

To headhunt the best salespeople we charge a competitive percentage of the base salary. There is no limit on the number of candidates we present. We continue to search until we find the best possible candidates.  Please contact us to discuss our current fees and to receive our full terms and conditions.

What industry sectors do you recruit?

The majority of recruitment we do would fall into the major categories below but, if you ask, we have probably hunted in your sector before.

• Computer Software, SaaS, AI, Internet
• FinTech, EdTech, RetailTech, FoodTech, InsurTech, LegalTech, GreenTech, MadTech
• IT Managed Services, Telecommunications, Business Supplies and Equipment (or Facilities Services)
• Digital Media, Marketing and Advertising, Publishing, Events
• Consumer Products, FMCG

We have worked with many high growth companies with global recruitment requirements.

How Long Does A Search Take?

Although the are many variables to each search, we are effective and efficient and get things done! A typical search takes two to four weeks.

Highly specialised searches at a senior level can take two to three months but we always endevevour to close searches in the shortest possible time.

How do you bring Diversity into a search?

As headhunters our approach is not to place job posting and we don’t have a book of candidates that we are shopping around. Every search is a fresh, new research project where we hunt your industry for the top talent. A diversity search is no different than any of our searches except with a critical difference. 

What’s that difference?

In hunting for the top talent we will also hunt for diversity.  In this way the mix of candidates is automatically blended to deliver top talent with a mix of gender, culture or identity. You get the best possible selection of top talent while having the opportunity to select a more diverse profile.


How Many Candidates Will You Present?

Typically we present seven to ten candidates but we don’t have hard limits. 

Once we start a search we create a talent pipeline and search and approach all the top talent in your industry. We will present as many candidates as required to find the right sales talent for your business.

We do search and are not in the business of wasting your time with piles of CVs – we headhunt to find the right candidates!

Do You Guarantee Your Work?

Yes, we fully guarantee our work. If a candidate leaves, for any reason, within three months we will conduct one new search at no cost. As we present only candidates with a proven track record of success this rarely happens but our guarantee is a valuable part of our offer.

What does 99% Success Rate mean?

This means that 99% of the salespeople that we place are in the same role 12 months later. To us this means that we are finding the right candidate for our clients because salespeople that don’t deliver results don’t last. We close virtually 100% of all searches.

Where do you find your candidates?

The fact is that the best salespeople are almost never looking for work – they are working!

Recruiters that only advertise and send you CVs or present candidates ‘on the books’ are sending you the salespeople who lack the skills to land the job they want.

We research each role, find the best performing companies in that sector, and then ‘headhunt’ the best performing salespeople on your opportunity. Great salespeople rarely change jobs and they simply don’t apply for job postings.

The best salespeople are either ‘headhunted’ or use there own powerful networks and connections to find the job they want. 

Will I need to deal with different recruitment consultants?

You will deal with only one senior recruiter who will lead a talent acquisition team to manage all aspects of the search. This means that our recruitment consultants work with the client to define the role and skills required and then manage every aspect of the search. We don’t outsource any aspect of our business. 

We live selling and all of our senior recruiters have not only extensive recruitment experience but also have spent years actually selling. 

We understand salespeople.

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