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Dear Sales Professional,

Are you looking to take your selling to the top? Do you want to understand how to leverage your experience and hard built network into business success? Perhaps you are new to selling or have launched a business and now responsible to ‘make it rain’ but feel you don’t have the time or knowledge you need. If this if you then this program has been designed especially to help you succeed!

My name is Wyn Nathan Davis, Founder of The Sales Experts. This is the newest version of The Sales Mastery Program. I work with business owners, sales teams and sales people to help them create successful and profitable careers and businesses. I have run successful sales organisation in 28 countries.

I have managed my own sales consulting business for 25 years growing it into an international organisation. We have evolved over the years into The Sales Experts providing Sales Recruitment, Sales Training and Sales Consulting to businesses of all sizes. I have developed an active role as a public speaker and trainer. I speak frequently throughout the UK and Internationally.

“First of all my compliments on your outstanding program: “Rainmaker Sales Mastery”. I love it and have read it and listened to the MP3 over and over. I just started an outside sales position and my boss is amazed at how many appointments I’m landing! Your program was a Godsend in the nick of time most especially since I’ve already generated sales from your great advice. I feel like I have saved years!”

-T. Johns

As a LinkedIn Open Networker I had built a huge network but couldn’t seem to convert that network into real business. Wyn’s program really wowed me with different approaches to leveraging networks. A great course!

– A. George

Selling has changed a lot over the last 24 years. Success takes more skills and tools than ever before. Like many salespeople I have gone through a huge learning curve as the internet changed the way we sell. There is much less face-to-face activity and much more telephone, video and web-based selling. People are busier and more difficult to connect with and so strong selling skills are more important than ever.

The Rainmaker Sales Mastery Program 2.0

If you are just starting out as a salesperson or just launching your own business I have some great news! You can now discover everything you need to know to sell – not just effectively but powerfully. Everything you need to know is in one place and in 4 easy to digest and easy to master sales training modules. It is all in my online course ‘The Rainmaker Sales Mastery Program’.

The Rainmaker Sales Mastery Program! is the quickest and easiest way to discover what steps you need to take to create a sustainable and profitable business. Whether you are self-employed or are an employed salesperson you can learn what you need to know at your own pace. Complete this program in 30 days or as long as you need!

** Includes Over 5 Hours of Audio Coaching**

*** Distance Study Program ***

Work at your own pace!

Inside the programme you’ll get 30 days worth of information in both audio and digital format, resources and exercises to help you get your selling skills up and running so that you can quickly be in control of how much you earn. Absolutely everything any new salesperson needs to get started and get very good, very fast! The programme is emailed to you in sections, once a week for four weeks. You should complete each section before moving on to the next section. Each section has series of assignments to complete the program. Once all of the sections are complete we will send you your certificate which you can show to your manager as evidence of your proactive approach to selling.

“What can I say? Wyn is brilliant, he is one of the most proactive thinkers, motivator and doers I have come across in a while… he knows how to find the best way to make any project seem truly exciting and worthwhile and profitable. While his people skills are quite amazing…” M. Essam

On the fifth week you will receive a high quality certificate to present to your manager, include in your CV or frame for your office.

This really is a simple to follow, yet detailed guide giving you everything you need to sell at a high level with confidence. Until now there has not been any course like this, written exclusively for salespeople by a real salesperson! Well now there is! Everything I have learnt about what to do and what not to do as a Rainmaker is here in this manual.

The goal of this program is to teach you how to sell at a very high level and earn the kind of money that you probably thought was impossible for you to achieve.

The program is the virtual version of my award-winning full-day The Rainmaker Sales Mastery Program that costs five times what you will pay for this program. You will get the very same material plus will be able to work on the content in your own time and at your own pace. You will also have the ability to study this material over and over again perfecting your skills and results.

The Rainmaker Sales Mastery Program 2.0

Here is an overview of the four weeks. You receive both Audio and Digital Formats!

Week One

Developing a winning attitude
The power of intention
The Law of Causality
The Sales Process
Why we buy
Personal presentation
Where the money is
The Power of Social Media
The Law of Social Proof
LinkedIn Secrets
How to get 10,000 LinkedIn Connections within days
Leveraging the power of your LinkedIn and Social media network
How to really network
The Power of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Special Module – How to Successfully Cold Call *

Week Two

Creating a Sales Pipeline – Prospecting Power
How to create a Power Prospect List
Find your perfect clients
How inconsistency creates sales roller coasters
Selling Smarter NOT Harder
Creating awareness of your personal brand
How to build a huge network
Creating a compelling personal statement
Prospecting and Selling on LinkedIn
Creating an audience
Preparing for sales situations and deliver sales presentations
Negotiate sales and pricing
Eliminate price objections
Destroying sales objections
Monetize your offer

Week Three

Double your income fast
Change your thinking and change your results
Monetize every action
Become ruthlessly efficient
Leverage technology
Simplify, Simplify, Simplify
Spread the good news
Book all the meetings you need
Eliminating fear

Week Four

Create a Miracle Mindset
Learn to choose your thoughts – become a Mastermind
Maintaining results for the long haul
Get stronger – The Power of Discipline
Health, Fitness and Money
Develop multiple streams of income
Guarantee your position
Creating a success plan
10 things that always work
10 things that always fail
25 must-do actions that will change your life forever

All programs include a printable certificate from The London Sales Academy as evidence of course enrolment and completion. This certificate can be include as part of your resumé or presented to your manager demonstrating your commitment to selling skills improvement.

Wyn Nathan Davis

Managing Director, The Sales Experts Ltd

We will explain step by step sales process

“I found this course easy to follow, very practical and extremely useful in my everyday work as a salesperson”Jane Elroy – Chicago, USA“Powerful presented! Truly enjoyed every minute of this program and the results were immediate!”Jason Fountain – London, UK You can access this 4 week, 30 day programme for the very special price of £49.95Including a Certificate Of Sales MasteryClick below to get started right now with “The Rainmaker Sales Mastery Program“Once we receive your payment you will receive the following Monday, via email, the first section of the course followed by another section each week for four weeks. In the fifth week you will receive your certificate.

Once order is placed you will receive the first course module via email within a an hour
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