Self-Study Sales Training Programs

self-study sales training programs

Self-study sales training programs. At The Sales Academy we have designed a wide range of self-study programs to improve your sales performance and to make you a more valuable, more employable sales professional.

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All programs include a printable certificate from The London Sales Academy as evidence of course enrolment and completion. This certificate can be include as part of your resumé or presented to your manager demonstrating your commitment to selling skills improvement. Self-study sales training programs are a simple method to build selling confidence.

Self- study sales training programs


Selling Professional Services for Lawyers, Accountants, Architects, Engineers & Consultants

There was a time – not so long ago – when selling professional services was against rules of conduct or was certainly frowned upon.
The residual problem persists for professionals – selling is a struggle and a challenging career fit! Complicating the fact that most professional do not like to sell is the problem that selling professional services is propounding different than selling most products or services. Selling professional services is about establishing trust not delivering a product or service. The trust is the product and this requires a different trust-based approach.

Develop Unstoppable Confidence

Would you like to have the confidence to simple go after everything you want in life? Whether you want to feel totally confident in sales, business, fitness, romance or any area of your life this program will walk you through, step by step towards, that freedom.

Get The Sales Job You Want

Prepare and get the Sales Job You Want. Many salespeople are great at selling products and services but when it comes to selling their own services often fall short of the mark. If you are thinking about making a career change or have been looking for a new job for some time without success then this program has been designed for you.

The Rainmaker Closing Faster Program

Closing Faster is essential – today’s buyers have a shorter attention span with more buying options than ever before! Selling is an extremely competitive field in which staying ahead of the competition and closing fast is an essential skill. The shorter the selling process the higher your chance of success. That’s why Closing Faster Program is designed to provide salespeople with a set of proven closing skills, techniques and knowledge to increase their ability to win more business more quickly.

The Rainmaker Sales Mastery Program 

If you are just starting out as a salesperson or just launching your own business I have some great news! You can now discover everything you need to know to sell – not just effectively but powerfully. Everything you need to know is in one place and in 4 easy to digest and easy to master sales training modules. The Rainmaker Sales Mastery Program! is the quickest and easiest way to discover what steps you need to take to create a sustainable and profitable business. Whether you are self-employed or are an employed salesperson you can learn what you need to know at your own pace. Complete this program in 30 days or as long as you need!

The Rainmaker Cold Call Magic Program

The Cold Calling Magic is that Cold Calling done intelligently actually delivers incredible sales results. Cold calling is an essential stage and important technique in the selling process. Cold calling skills are also useful in many aspects of business and work communications outside of sales activities and the selling function. Cold Calling is action!

The Rainmaker Complete Telephone Sales Program

Sharpen your approach, exceed your targets. Recruitment industry statistics indicate that the shift in B2B selling is moving away from face-to-face field sales roles to full telephone based selling. The telephone has always been part of the sales process, however, managing every aspect of the sales process on the telephone requires a shift in thinking and a different set of skills. The Rainmaker Complete Telephone Sales Program will take you through every major aspect of a successful sales process using only the telephone. From prioritising outbound calls, prospecting, engagement, pitching through to closing, this program covers it every skill needed and every challenge faced.