Welcome to The Sales Experts Blog – our focus is sales recruitment- in London, throughout the United Kingdom and globally – selling skills, and sales process! Successful selling touches on so many areas of business and life – sales skills, sales development, sales process, presentation skills, confidence and more – this blog explores these and more. In writing this sales blog our intention is to stimulate thinking and share ideas! There are hundreds of articles in this sales blog and we hope you find value here. ‘London’s most recognised Sales Recruitment Specialists!’ It all started October 1, 1989 with a passion for selling and a deep belief that we could find a better way to sell. It is our profound belief that, approached correctly, selling is an inspiring, positive and rewarding experience. The idea is a simple one. When companies invest in insightful sales recruitment, develop intelligent sales processes and deliver practical sales training businesses will thrive.

Wyn Nathan Davis

Managing Director, The Sales Experts Ltd

The Rainmaker Sales Mastery Program

A Power Day of Sales Development for Sales Professionals

Learn to sell on your terms, remove price and manage the client conversation

Delivered live at your Location


Candidates Placed Stay At Least 1 year


Candidates Stay At Least 2 Years


Candidates Placed Consistently Hit Sales Targets

Let The Prospect Write The Pitch!

  Yes, let the prospect write the pitch! It does not matter if you pitch on the telephone, in an elevator, in a face-to-face meeting or at a networking meeting.  Most salespeople spend hours writing a script that they push onto prospects. We can see these pitches... read more

Top 10 (absolutely fixable) Sales Mistakes

Most salespeople underperform – that is they fail to consistently hit reasonable sales targets. Most businesses underperform – that is they fail to consistently to hit the average market growth rates. Here are 10 absolutely fixable reasons: 1) Failure to properly... read more

6 Ways to Spot a Liar

People just lie, some people are more habitual at lying than others. Some people lie because they are worried of the outcome, some people lie to avoid problems, some people lie because they just like lying. How good are you at spotting a lie? Do you see it happen or... read more

The Myth of Price Objections

In the twenty-five years that I have sold and trained salespeople the number one objection that salespeople struggle with is the price. It does not matter what the economy is doing or where the product or service is positioned most salespeople fall apart when... read more

Three Habits Of Millionaire Salespeople

In every industry there are salespeople that fall into the top 1%. These are the few that earn, on average, 54 times more than their industry’s typical salaries. Every industry has millionaire salespeople and although most of their colleagues view them as lucky,... read more

Six Steps to Exceeding Sales Targets

Six Steps to Exceeding Sales Targets Most salespeople and most sales teams rarely hit, let alone exceed, sales targets. In rare cases the reason might be the economy or changes in technology that result in a shrinking opportunity. Most of the time, however, failure is... read more

Steve Jobs on Recruitment

Steve Jobs on recruitment. People are telling us all the important things about themselves all of time. Are they happy, afraid, nervous, worried, confident – it is all there in the Meta Data if you learn and choose to pay attention.

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Bulletproof your Career

Bulletproof your career The rate of change in business is always increasing. In the past jobs were for life and industries employed generations of the same family. Today companies are regularly sold and acquired. Industries face global competition and well established... read more

9 Critical Buying Signals

9 buying signals you must not miss!

Whether you are selling B2B or B2C, a small business or a large corporation, or a simple or complex sale the prospect’s buying journey will always include important buying signals. Miss the buying signals and the salesperson can make the fatal mistake of talking themselves out of a sale.

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Disruptive Sales Recruitment

The best salespeople know their industry, they know the players and they know where they want to work. The best salespeople can pick up the telephone, land a meeting and secure an offer. So, if the best salespeople are not responding to your job posts and not calling you directly then how do you hire them? Well, disrupt them of course!

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Leverage Brexit Panic

Brexit Sales Survival. Business doesn’t like change or uncertainty and if you are working hard to sell your products or services this can be a frustrating time. So, what is the answer? Keep your head down and wait? No!

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How Top Salespeople Land Impossible-to-Get Meetings

Success is all about making connects but how do we connect with the people who can really make a difference to our business? The best salespeople, The Rainmakers (they are called rainmakers because no matter how dry the business they can always make it rain) understand how to pick up the phone and get the appointment.

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Sales Tools

Important sales tools. Start with a simple sales process for your business and then make a plan to meet with 100 prospects as quickly as possible.

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Steve Jobs Quotes

Steve Jobs (February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011) was a technology entrepreneur and on of the most influential business person of the last 50 years. Apple was, for many years, a bit of a marginal technological player but in recent years has become the most important company in the world. Apple and Steve Jobs has changed the way we think about and use technology!

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Don Draper is Sales Pitch Perfect!

The Best Sales Pitch Ever? Selling has earned a bad reputation because too many, if not most, salespeople simply don’t know how to sell and think that talking ‘features and benefits’ is enough. The result is the ‘numbers game’. The idea that if we simply give the same... read more

The #1 Secret to Hire Great Salespeople

The #1 Secret to Hire Great Salespeople?  Online sales job boards are almost completely a waste of time! Why? Because why would a great salesperson use an online job board to find a job? They wouldn’t! The top salespeople in every organisation are regularly... read more

Why You’re Not Getting Hired!

As a recruiter specialising in sales roles you might think that in our, still fragile, recovering economy that finding great salespeople would be easy. Well, it is not! Good sales people are hard to find in any economy! You feel you have some skills, people like you,... read more

Be Your Best – Not Try, Be!

Be your best! Life has an amazing ability toward abundance. Year after year, throughout history humans have gotten faster, stronger and better. We grow more food, live healthier lives, live longer, and are smarter now than we have ever been. Generation after... read more

Classic Kopmeyer Success Book

Classic Kopmeyer Success Book THOUGHTS TO BUILD ON BY M. R. KOPMEYER America’s Success Counselor To Millions “Our LIFE is what our THOUGHTS make it.” -Marcus Aurelius This is a book of THOUGHTS to build your LIFE on. It is a unique book … 80... read more

Five Steps To Landing A Great Sales Job!

Five Steps To Landing A Great Sales Job!  Get Active On LinkedIn Many great sales jobs are never advertised instead companies hire recruiters to find the best sales talent available – often poaching talent from competitors! Sales Recruitment Agencies spend thousands... read more