Habits of successful salespeople

In every industry there are salespeople that fall into the top 1%. These are the few that earn, on average, 54 times more than their industry’s typical salaries. Every industry has millionaire salespeople and although most of their colleagues view them as lucky, success is actually a result of very basic habits followed and perfected!

There are many habits that lead to success but these three are the most consistent with all of the Millionaire Salespeople we have studied.

Habit 1 – Engage Deep! 

Millionaire Salespeople develop deep engagement within target companies. They will have strong positive relationships with people throughout the organization.  They know the receptionist’s birthday, the security guard’s football team and can converse deeply with influential people throughout the organization.  As a result, they develop broad consensus and have friends throughout the organization. It is because of this that new business regular ‘falls into their lap’. These salespeople rarely lose business. The very best salespeople remember every name, are charismatic and are intensely interested in everyone they meet.

Habit 2 – Know their stuff!

Millionaire salespeople never ‘wing it’ they know every detail, every number and every statistic relevant to convincingly pitch their business at a seconds notice. Where other salespeople fall away at the prospect of tough sales objections, Millionaire Salespeople destroy objections with clearly thought out and articulately presented facts. The result is that Millionaire salespeople close virtually 100% of every pitch because they know their prospect, they know their product, they know their industry, they know their competition and they can deliver that knowledge on demand to convince the toughest objection.

Habit 3 – Discipline 

Millionaire Salespeople work hard with a completely disciplined approach to being the best and getting things done.  Millionaire Salespeople make decisions quickly, manage their time carefully and never waste time on actions, events, and people are unable support their efforts. Most important of the many disciplines cultivated by the top Salespeople is the discipline to focus on the top 20% of prospects that can deliver the largest business opportunities. Millionaire Salespeople are in every industry, they drive the best cars, wear the best suits and have great relationships with the best customers. They answer every call and act decisively every moment of every day.

These top Salespeople we studied also tended to come from average to modest backgrounds and worked their way up – they didn’t start at the top they, intelligently, worked their way up and through their hard, smart work, developed the habits that keep them at the top. None of these habits are secrets just solid, basic habits fully developed and religiously executed.