The Rainmaker Complete Telephone Selling Techniques Program

The Rainmaker Complete Telephone Selling Techniques Program

The Rainmaker Complete Telephone Selling Techniques. Telephone Selling Techniques – Sharpen your approach, exceed your targets

Recruitment industry statistics indicate that the shift in B2B selling is moving away from face-to-face field sales roles to full telephone based selling. The telephone has always been part of the sales process, however, managing every aspect of the sales process on the telephone requires a shift in thinking and a different set of skills.

The Rainmaker Complete Telephone Sales Program will take you through every major aspect of a successful sales process using only the telephone.  From prioritising outbound calls, prospecting, engagement, pitching through to closing, this program covers it every skill needed and every challenge faced. 

All programs include a printable certificate from The London Sales Academy as evidence of course enrolment and completion. This certificate can be include as part of your resumé or presented to your manager demonstrating your commitment to selling skills improvement.

The Rainmaker Complete Telephone Selling Techniques Program

This program is ideal for you if you have been selling for a while on the phone, but lack critical components of successful phone selling, such as structure, messages that excite and powerful closing techniques.  This training will result in more confidence to sell on the phone and reach your targets! Salespeople who are used to field sales – selling face-to-face but are making the move to telephone based selling will strongly benefit from this program.

You will perfect the following areas:

  • Developing a prospect list
  • Cold Calling Techniques
  • Getting past Gatekeepers
  • Developing a compelling message
  • Creating powerful pitches that minimize objections
  • Dealing with the price objection
  • Dealing with unexpected objections
  • Using trial closing techniques
  • Closing the sales
  • Maintaining motivation
  • Creating and managing your sales pipeline
  • How to gain valuable referrals and recommendations

This program will teach you all of the above and more. You will go back to your desk motivated to make dramatically more sales and you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to do so!

This Program Will Make You Money

The Rainmaker Complete Telephone Sales Program is all about helping you to close crucial sales. Your results will dramatically improve and you will begin to fly past gatekeepers, engage more deeply and close more easily than you ever imagine possible.

Order NOW!

Please use the link below to order today. This program comes in three weekly modules consisting on a field sales guide and an audio program. Each week will require about three hours of study. Because the resources are yours you will be able to work at your own pace and go back to the field guide and audio program again and again.

Once your order is received you will receive on new module each week for three consecutive weeks and on week four you will receive a certificate that you can add to your CV or provide to your manager as evidence of your proactive approach to your sales development.

This program is ideal for all salespeople who work primarily on the telephone no matter what your experience. 

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Program is just £49.95



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Program is just $79.95