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We know salespeople and have a recruitment success rate of 98% 





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Great sales performers are game changers!

The best salespeople are never looking for work and so we ‘headhunt’ from the best sales teams.





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We search for the best salespeople!

90% of the strongest talent will only be found through aggressive hunting!







We Recruit all Sales Levels

We Recruit all experience levels from Junior to Sales Director – all Sectors and Global Recruitment








Expert Sales Recruitment

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Candidates professionally guided

Candidate success is extremely important and so we will only pitch you on the ‘right’ role for you!








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Passionate and innovative sales training!

We work with individuals, teams and companies on better sales processes and better sales performance!








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Individual and Team Sales Coaching

We can work with individuals or small groups to train and coach sales and career success!








Sales Performance Consulting

Sales Process Consulting
Business and Marketing Planning
Social Media Strategy
Public Relations Results








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Our approach is different and we love to talk about sales, sales process and sales recruitment!


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Expert Sales Recruitment

The Sales Experts – Sales Recruitment Specialists

Sales Recruitment is our focus! We can recruit the best performing salespeople in your sector – usually from your competitors. We are based in London but recruit, using our international network, for positions throughout the UK, Europe, CIS Countries, America and Australia – satellite offices Manchester, Paris, Madrid, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, Sydney and Melbourne. We are true sales recruitment experts with years of real world sales experience. We understand why salespeople fail and why finding the right salesperson for your business is essential. If you want to recruit the best salespeople for your business, nobody can deliver better sales recruitment results than The Sales Experts.

Wyn Nathan Davis

Managing Director, The Sales Experts - Sales Recruitment


98% Of Candidates Recruited By The Sales Experts Stay At Least 1 year


82% Of Candidates Recruited By The Sales Experts Stay At Least 2 Years


92% Of Candidates Placed By The Sales Experts Consistently Hit Sales Targets

Our sales recruitment is 98% successful! What does that mean? It means that 98% of the candidates we recruit for our clients are still in employed 12 months later! ‘We are London’s best sales recruitment firm placing top performing salespeople throughout the United Kingdom and Internationally – we guarantee it!’ We do search, we find the right salesperson for your business. Most candidates we present are not looking for work – the best salespeople are rarely looking for work.

Wyn Nathan Davis

Managing Director, The Sales Experts Ltd


Our speciality is Sales Recruitment with experience in the following sectors:

Publishing/Media Sales Recruitment
Beauty/Cosmetics Sales Recruitment
Consumer Products / FMCG Sales Recruitment
Office Furniture Sales Recruitment
Telephony/Unified communications Sales Recruitment
Financial services / Forex Sales Recruitment
Events Sales Recruitment Associations Sales Recruitment
Construction Materials Sales Recruitment
Advertising Agencies Sales Recruitment
European/International Based Sales Recruitment
China Sales Recruitment

More than 75% of the fully-employed LinkedIn members are NOT actively looking. This number jumps to over 90% for the strongest talent. These people (the best people) don’t need to look. They will be found by aggressive recruiters and former co-workers. Unless the supply of great sales talent exceeds the demand in your candidate pool, the likelihood of hiring a top salesperson is remote.

To attract top sales performers, companies need to structure their hiring processes on the premise that they need to hunt for the best salespeople not weed them out. At The Sales Experts we manage all aspects of the recruitment process to help you hire your industry’s best performers.

That is why our success rate is 98% – contact us today!

Wyn Nathan Davis

Managing Director, The Sales Experts Ltd

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