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We know the best sales professionals are rare and they are extremely difficult to find through traditional recruitment methods. The reality is: successful salespeople are not looking for work, they are working, and need to be proactively recruited.

We complete an exhaustive search of all relevant candidates working within your industry, contact them directly, and pitch them on your opportunity. We then interview and assess the best talent before presentation to our clients.

If you’re looking to hire Great Salespeople, with proven talent, anywhere in the world, we invite you to connect and schedule a recruitment discovery call.

Our Latest Sales Recruitment Case Studies

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 The Sales Experts Global Sales Recruitment

Sales Recruitment

The Sales Experts delivers expert global sales recruitment on five continents and more than 30 countries. We are headquartered in Canary Wharf, London with satellite offices in Manchester, Paris, Madrid, New York, Toronto, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sydney and Melbourne.

Our core philosophy is that the best salespeople are rarely, if ever, looking for work – they are working.

So, if you want to hire the best sales talent, placing job advertisements or searching résumé/CV databases won’t get results.

We headhunt. We go directly to the top performers in your industry and enthusiastically pitch them on your opportunity.

We have developed a Five Stage Sales Head-Hunting Process and use the process to truly serve as a client’s advisor during the entire search process. By offering a significant selection of candidates and a seamless and thorough process, we always work to go above and beyond customer expectations

 This is what makes us different!

The clear difference is our focus is headhunting mid-level to senior Sales Professionals, Head-of-Sales and Sales Director roles with a proven track record of success.

Our head-hunting recruitment approach targets salespeople with:

  • A proven track record of measured success
  • A background that aligns with the defined role
  • Solid career without red flags
  • A sales-hunter personality

Our direct to candidate approach also speeds up our search results.

We deliver:

  • Search of the best available candidates providing you with as many candidates as you need
  • In-depth assessment
  • Telephone, Video and in-person screening interviews before presenting CVs
  • Sales Management aptitude and personality assessment (on request)
  • Checking of all references
  • Credit checks and criminal checks if required (fees may apply)
  • Scheduling of all interviews
  • Present all offers
  • A three-month guarantee if the candidate leaves for any reason, whatsoever, within three months of active employment we will deliver a new search at no cost.

At The Sales Experts we manage all aspects of the recruitment process to help you hire your industry’s best performers.

That is why our success rate is 99% – contact us today!

 Our Five Star – Five Stage Recruitment Process

Our Five Stage Sales Head-Hunting Process

Our aim is to truly serve as a client’s advisor during the entire search process. By offering a significant selection of candidates and a seamless and thorough process that encompasses five primary phases, we always work to go above and beyond customer expectations:


  1. Establish search parameters:

Examine the difficulties particular to the organisation and the position. Determine the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities while providing clients with fresh perspectives on how to think about their needs. When appropriate, challenge clients’ presumptions and offer them alternate role-conceptualization ideas.

Create a tailored position and candidate specification that includes information about the organisation, the job’s responsibilities, objectives, and major difficulties as well as the experience, credentials, and abilities needed to succeed. Determine the client priorities that will shape the search process

  1. Determine search strategy:

Conduct targeted research into businesses and industries to identify individuals with the necessary skill sets and credentials, enhancing our in-depth familiarity with and connections to high performing sales professionals across industries and roles. Develop a long list of prospects best qualified for the role, with the goal of providing real options for clients to consider

Speak with third-party connections to further discover and qualify prospects; this is a key component of our strategy because it leads to more fruitful long-list of qualified candidates.

  1. Recruit and assess prospects:

Speak with possible candidates to gauge their interest in the position, utilising our knowledge of candidate interests and goals to urge promising candidates to take into account new opportunities.

Hold thorough competency-based interviews with applicants based on the demonstrated abilities, knowledge, skills, and aptitudes listed in the employment specification.

Create a short list of applicants who meet the requirements and are interested in the job.

  1. Invite the best candidates for client interviews:

Compile a list of the applicants who meet the requirements the best, based on a thorough textual analysis and assessment.

Using informal outside opinions on each candidate, we can validate and improve our understanding of their accomplishments and track record while also gaining valuable information into their reputation and past performance.

During our interview process, conduct in-depth executive capabilities assessments using the Sales Hunter Intelligence Evaluation Assessment.

Information about candidates combined with our Sales Hunter Intelligence Evaluation are documented on our Sales Assessment Profile and attached the candidate’s CV/Résumé to present to the client. Candidate CVs are never reformatted, edited or corrected. We will always provide an unbiased, unedited presentation of the candidate. 

5. Complete the search:

Following the client’s selection of the top candidate, carry out background checks and references as requested by the client.

Participate in contract negotiations to help complete the search.

Communicate regularly with client and placement during transition.

Conduct client satisfaction survey to improve service and refine approach.

After the search is over, periodically check in with the client and the candidate to see how the placement is doing and how the transition is coming along.

Sales Recruitment

  • The strongest sales talent simply don’t apply for jobs
  • The best sales talent will be only found by disciplined head-hunters prepared to research the market and actively target the best available sales talent.
  • We headhunt the best mid-level to senior salespeople, head-of-sales and sales directors.

Sales Process Consulting

  • When a business understands who is the ideal customer, where to find them, and how to sell to them the result is success.
  • We leverage years of experience working with hundreds of businesses – including a number of Fortune Global 500 companies – to help find the ‘sales sweet spot’ in your business. This ‘sales sweet spot’ is key to developing your business and scaling opportunities.

Bespoke and Program Sales Training

  • Sales training developed by professional presenters is mostly a waste of time. Your strongest sales people will mostly ignore the message and your weakest salespeople lack the tools to implement the lessons.
  • The motivation is great and will result in short-term bumps in productivity but salespeople need real strategies and tools that they can actually use.
  • We  have decades of real sales experience both on the telephone and in the field. Our Cold Call training was created after we invested months on the telephone booking real appointment for our clients in a variety of sectors. We tested our strategies by selling and when our success rate approached 100% we built our sales courses.
  • All salespeople with the full spectrum of sales skills will benefit from our programs. Updated programs will soon be available. Watch for details.