Looking for a headhunting agency? The Sales Experts have 10+ experience in sales staff recruitment.

Sales Recruitment

The Sales Experts delivers expert global sales recruitment, sales process consulting, and sales training. We are a Sales Recruitment Agency based in Canary Wharf, London. Offices in London, Manchester, New York and Sydney.

‘London’s most recognised Sales Recruitment Specialists!’

It all started October 1, 1989 with a passion for selling and a deep belief that we could find a better way to sell. It is our profound belief that selling should be an inspiring, positive and rewarding experience.

The idea is simple. When companies invest in quality sales recruitment, develop intelligent sales processes and deliver practical sales training businesses will thrive.

The journey has taken us to 28 countries. It has resulted in a more honest sales recruitment experience, a modern approach to sales training and a view of sales the process that creates a better way to sell.


We know that the best salespeople are rarely looking for work and as a result, our primary focus is search. A salesperson can look great on paper and may have thrived at another business but fail in yours. We are salespeople and understand why good salespeople fail – we make sure that does not happen to your business. 82% of the salespeople we have recruited stay in the same role for at least two years. 77% of the salespeople we have recruited reach or exceed targets year after year.

Sales Process
When a business understands the ideal customer, where to find them and how to sell to them the result is success. We leverage years of experience working with hundreds of business – including a number of Fortune Global 500 companies – to help find the ‘sales sweet spot’ in your business.

Sales Training
Sales training developed by professional presenters is mostly a waste of time. Motivation is great but salespeople need real strategies and tools that they can actually use. We decades of real sales experience both on the telephone and in the field. Our Cold Call training was creating after we invested months on the telephone booking real appointment for our clients in a variety of sectors. When our success rate approached 100% we designed our sales course.