Our Sales Recruitment Case Studies

Our recruitment focus is mid-level to senior salespeople, head-of-sales and sales directors.
Over time we developed a core expertise on Sales Recruitment. Selling is in our blood and we understand salespeople and how to evaluate the skills, grit and drive that are at the heart of top sales performers.
Read more about how we headhunted the best salespeople in different sectors below!

Case study The Sales Experts Recruitment - SaaS solutions

Case study – Sales Recruitment in IT

How we headhunted a complete U.K. sales team consisting of 9 Mid-market/Enterprise-level Sales Executives and a Head of Sales in 16 weeks.

Our client is an Ottawa, Canada headquartered Company focused on delivering a powerful, media database monitoring and analytics solution for tomorrow’s communicators. With offices in Ottawa Canada, New Jersey, U.S.A. and London, England. The task required us to build a team of 9 Junior full-sales cycle Enterprise Sales Executives and to find 1 Mid-level Sales Team Leader to mentor the team. The search was completed within 16 weeks.

Case study – Spark (design services)

How we headhunted 3 Senior Advertising VPs of Business Development in 12 weeks.

For more than 50 years our client has been at the forefront of marketing transformation. Launched in 1968 they became known as innovators in packaging. Now they are recognized as a trusted brand guardian for creative and localisation solutions. Clients include Netflix, Microsoft, Universal, Boots and many more leading brands.
Our task was to headhunt a rainmaker to sell their leading advertising services to a new generation of top flight global clients with a plan to hire additional 2 Vice Presidents Business Development within 12-months.

Case study The Sales Experts Recruitment - Spark (design services)
Case study The Sales Experts Recruitment - FinTech

Case study – Sales Recruitment in FinTech

How we headhunted a Senior NY based FinTech New Business Manager in 10 weeks.

Our client is a Madrid headquartered company that is focused on delivering a powerful tech platform that provides insights on the social and environmental impact of over 30,000 organizations with offifices in Madrid, New York and London. The task is to headhunt a rainmaker to sell a leading ESG AI platform solution for investment fund managers.