Handling objections in sales

I speak to business groups dozens of times every year about sales success and the number one question I receive is how to deal with objections.

Most salespeople when faced with an objection such as…

•  The price is too high

•  It is not the colour I wanted

•  It lacks the features I was hoping for 

…simply give up!

They shrug or mumble or apologize and let the prospect walk away.  In most cases, the same prospect will eventually buy the exact same product a few weeks later from a competitor.

How to get past this?

Well, the best defense is a good offence and in selling the best offense is to know your product or service so well that your pitch deals and pulverizes every objection before the customer even thinks about it! Invest in your sales technique and learn every objection inside out then when you do have an objection you use these three simple words taught to me by Brian Tracy.

This is how it goes. 

Feel, Felt, Found! 

“I understand how you ‘feel’, many of our best customers ‘felt’ the same when they first spoke to us but they have ‘found’, through experience that the reality is almost the opposite and have become some of our best customers.”

The ‘feel’ acknowledges how they feel – validation.  The ‘felt’ lets them know that others have felt the same way – more validation. And the ‘found’ suggests that the objection has a clear and recognized solution.

It works every time.