Reasons you fail your sales

Three Subconscious Reasons Salespeople Fail to Close

The fastest road to increased success and income as a salesperson or a sales organisation is to increase your closing rate.

Imagine if every prospect you spoke to bought your product or service?

Imagine if every customer you sold to was a repeat customer?

Imagine if every repeat customer became raving fans voluntarily promoting your business and providing referrals?

Needless to say the only problem your business would have is where to put all the money! But, most businesses simply fail to get a grasp of how to close and let all the opportunity they will ever need walk away.

There is opportunity everywhere. Everybody on this planet wants, in some way, a better life – to be more, to have more and to experience more. No matter what is happening in the world there are always people who are struggling and failing and there are people who are thriving and succeeding. Whether you struggle or thrive is a choice that only you make. The Universe, nature and our world is full of abundance. When there was 2 billion people on this planet we thought we have reached the limit, the same a 3 billion, and 5 billion. 25 years ago we heard there was only a few year of oil reserves left on this earth but today there is more oil than ever and we are finding new and healthier ways to light and heat our homes. Opportunity is everywhere but most of us only see limitations.

The subconscious 3 reasons salespeople fail to close?

  1. Most salespeople fail to see the opportunity right in front of them!

Have you ever misplaced your keys only to find them in your pocket or on the kitchen counter? Of course you have! Everyone has!


Our minds are powerful but we are only capable of seeing what we expect to see. Expect to see opportunity and success and you will see just that, however, most people expect a difficulty and failure and that is what they find in the world.

The first step to closing more business is to expect opportunity and success everywhere, to look for opportunity and success and to see the opportunity and success that is right in front of you! If you don’t believe success is all around then ask yourself why people thrive and success in the worst environments – even during war to when others fail!

We see what we expect to see and we experience what we expect to experience.

2. Most salespeople fail to act when opportunity knocks!

Does opportunity really knock? Yes, most of the time opportunity is banging hard to get into our lives but we are so consumed with our problems, fears and failures that we fail to take action. Ask yourself, how many times has an opportunity presented itself in the last week, the last month or the last year and you have failed to move quickly?

We receive an email with an inquiry, a prospect asks a question, somebody responds to a social media post but we simply let it sit in our inbox contemplating action?

If you follow-up with website leads within 5 minutes, you are 9 times more likely to convert – it is the fast that win in selling but just stare at opportunities waiting for them to beg us to buy!

Action is essential for success and the faster the better. Whenever you have an idea, see an opportunity or when a knock comes to the door act quickly and take action. Act quickly, act often and your sales results will improve. The universe wants you to succeed and will give you will all the opportunity you need to succeed. The universe, however, is not going to print money and put it in your wallet or deposit funds in your bank account – meet the universe halfway and you’ll be surprised at the success that will come your way!

3. Most Salespeople Fail to ask!

Most businesses have a ‘build it and they will come’ attitude to sales success. Most companies have an entirely internal looking business model and spend little time reaching out to the potential market. Most businesses are simply passive and even when salespeople do reach out to potential customers they often do not ask for opportunity – the opportunity to discuss the offer, the opportunity to meet with a prospect, the opportunity to quote on business or the opportunity to talk to a decision maker.

When we are passionate about our business and authentically ask for opportunities things will happen. Most salespeople expect to hear a ‘no’ before they even write an email or pick up the telephone and if you expect a ‘no’ guess what you’ll hear most of the time?

That’s right – NO!

Alter your paradigm to find success and close more business. Our paradigm defines how we view the world and how we view the world determine how we see the world – our dominant thoughts and ideas create our world.

Decide that most people are bad and you will find your life filled with bad people. Decide that relationships don’t work and your relationships wont work. Decide that Cold Calling wont get results or decide that people are tired of being sold and your experience will support that! Whatever you believe to be true you will find in the world – guaranteed!

paradigm   [par-uh-dahym, -dim]

An example serving as a model; pattern. a framework containing the basic assumptions, ways of thinking, and methodology that are commonly accepted by members of a scientific community. Such a cognitive framework shared by members of any discipline or group: the company’s business paradigm.

 See the world differently and your world will change – you, will change!