I have met many salespeople who don’t want to be involved in the collection of money – they feel it corrupts the selling relationship – wrong!

A buyer – seller relationship only benefits from being stronger and dealing with sensitive issues like money strengthens that relationship.

I have written hundreds of millions of business and the only time a client has refused my terms is when they didn’t have the money and they became a bad debt! occasionally, businesses have cash flow issues and it makes sense to be flexible – but be flexible on your terms!


Rather watch than read?


Your terms are your terms! If you present a value proposition, the client will pay. Too many businesses struggle with accounts receivable because they can’t ask for the money! Businesses have gone bankrupt with enough cash owed to manage the business.

Just ask!

I think about the dry cleaning business and all the unclaimed and unpaid clean clothes just hanging there! If our dry cleaners required payment when we dropped off our clothes we would pay – wouldn’t we? So why don’t they ask?

As a salesperson, as a business owner, be clear about your terms! Don’t be shy – ask for the money!

In my history, as a salesperson, I would always speak to the accounts department and asked to be involved. As a salesperson, I don’t want a business relationship damaged by a cold aggressive call asking for money. I would always rather be the one to make that call!

Get used to money being part of the sales process and you will gain control and power in the sales relationship!

Always ask for the money!