One of the core differences between average salespeople and top sales performers is a deep respect for time.

Every day has only so many working hours and those hours can be spent in direct selling or sales related activities. Assuming you’re a conscientious salesperson and plan your day for maximum efficiency what remains is the pure selling time. This is gold! The reality is that for most salespeople this might be only three hours a day, if you’re lucky it might be five.

The problem with average salespeople is they see all selling time as equal. Thinking incorrectly that all selling time is the same.


In my book, Sell More by Selling Less, I discuss the important concept that the fastest way to grow sales and to become a sales rainmaker is to find the highest value customers and spend the majority of time selling to them and getting to understand their business. A large customer can buy 50 or 100 times what a small customer can buy. Getting one product into a major retailer can make the salesperson a millionaire. A large service contract with a major corporation has the potential to change a business and the life of every employee in it dramatically.

Larger customers may require more professionalism from the salesperson to get into the front door but once in larger customers always buy more and tend to be easier to service.

The salesperson that treats all their customers and prospects equally has really missed the boat. Understanding the potential value of a prospect and giving them a proportional amount of your attention will dramatically change your results. Small customers are part of the mix and just like an airplane with economy, business and first class sections everyone needs to be serviced – but not equally.

Small account? Present, close quickly and move on!

Big account? Invest time, listen, get really creative and intimate – close big!

Too many salespeople lack the self-respect to value their own time and invest only a proportionate amount of time and effort in selling. The salesperson that does not respect their time will be poor! On airplanes we are asked to put our own mask on before helping others. This is about self-respect!

What organ does the heart pump blood to first? The heart!