About passion

Keep the passion burning!

Growth is a huge challenge for business and difficult to achieve. If you want growth you must be passionate about your business. Now really, not simply excited but truly passionate.

The need to succeed must burn bright and deep within you!

Growing a business is not just about a month or two of passionate energy it is about years of passion driven by an enormous amount of personal power.

All it takes is all you’ve got!

Most people who have managed to launch a business can manage a few months of passionate energy but will find it difficult to keep going much longer than that. They might be able to develop a business that will pay the bills but the business won’t develop much beyond creating a job for the owner.

A much smaller group can keep the passion for a year, two or even three which is enough to build a much more significant business. After three years of solid energy and passion a business can get some serious momentum and there is an opportunity for the owner to be on the road to developing a long-term business that will provide a very comfortable living for them and their family. At this point they will have developed enough business revenue to support employees who can bring fresh energy into the business and add to the momentum.

What if, however, you want real success?

Richard Branson, Donald Trump, Martha Stewart or Oprah Winfrey are a different story! Martha Stewart is seventy-one years old and still works hard on her business everyday. Richard Branson is sixty-one and has been in business since he was sixteen. He owns more than four hundred businesses – he drives himself everyday and not just in business but in a wide array of personal and fitness challenges. Oprah has more money than God but keeps on building her business!

This is real passion! Passion that go to the bone!

How do you find passion at this level? Passion that can be sustained not just for years but also for decades?

I believe it is actually a rather simple thing to do!

Just make a decision!

Decide at the core of your being that you will do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to reach your dream. Decide that there is no end and no failures – just work and success!

Decide that mistakes will be part of the process but never a dead end, just a curve in the road! Decide that work is your life and that you will benefit from the rewards to the proportion that you invest in your success. If you want it all then you will give it all!


Not easy, but simple! Why not get started today?

No, really! Why not get started today? Get!

Sales is a process that can be developed and managed! Get the right plan, the right people, the right tools combined with the right kind of motivation and success will happen!

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