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 The Rainmaker Sales Mastery Program – Module Four!

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By Wyn Nathan Davis

Welcome to Module four of ‘The Rainmaker Sales Mastery Program’! All materials are copyright 2020. The goal of this program is to teach you how to sell at a very high level and earn the kind of money that you probably thought was impossible for you to achieve.

Let’s start with a quick overview of the Module Four program.

  • Double your income fast

 Most salespeople feel that to double income almost instantly is impossible because most salespeople see income directly related to effort – in other words to earn twice as much they need to work twice as hard – and it is this thinking that keeps salespeople at the same income year after year.

If you take just one thing from this entire course please take this idea and make it your own.

You will NOT get rich through more selling – you will get rich by selling differently!

Every business has the potential to identify its best customers and put programs into place that simply overwhelm them with service and recognition. What are you doing to identify and get closer to your best customers?

  • Change your thinking and change your results

If you want to change the results you are getting then you need to change your thinking. Your current thinking has got you to where you are today but chances are it will not take you to where you want to go tomorrow. Too many salespeople get stuck in their current thinking and cannot understand why things don’t change.

Take a moment to think about the different experiences that you have when dealing with different types of businesses. Think about the different kinds of experiences you have had in hotels, restaurants or retail stores depending on the sophistication of the business.

To stay in a budget hotel compared to The Savoy in London is a completely different experience. Shopping at ASDA (a large British discount store) compared with a luxury retailer such as Harrods or Harvey Nichols are very different experiences and the type of customer attracted is completely different. To sell like a Rainmaker salesperson is also a very different experience. I can never stress too much that if you want a very different result from selling than you are currently getting you cannot do more of the same – this will only get you marginally better results and you will probably burnout with the extra effort.

It is time to think differently! 

  • Monetize every action

Knowing what your time is worth is a very important step in increasing your productivity and income. Most salespeople spend far too much time on low value tasks that either could be done by someone else or not done at all.

Most salespeople make an effort to provide a high level of service and this is a good thing, however, the fact is that most good deeds go unnoticed. If you are providing a service to your customers make certain that the value they perceive is proportional to the cost to you in time, effort and opportunity costs.

In many cases, we provide a level of service because we think is it valuable but, in fact, our customers may not care or may not even notice. The fact is that as humans we are reluctant to change – once we have made a decision to act the power of momentum tends to keep us in that same direction. We may make a decision that was right five ten or even twenty years ago and stick with it because we are reluctant to re-evaluate based on the current situation. How many people dress and keep the same hair cut for twenty years because one person complimented them on their style twenty years ago – we do the same in business. We decide to attend a certain networking group, or trade show and just keep doing it even though there is no value there anymore! I see businesses still listing fax machine numbers on business cards when I have not used a fax machine in ten years – this is reluctance to change!

  • Become ruthlessly efficient

Great salespeople know that when they are closing business with top clients that their revenue may be 100 times higher than closing business with the smallest customers. What is the answer?

The answer is to become ruthless with every aspect of your activity.

Most salespeople spend only a small fraction of their time pitching and closing business. Time is wasted thousands of ways.

As you become a more effective salesperson, you will start to bump up against time. Trust me there are a thousand ways to become more effective through, preparation and simply getting better at selling. Plan your sales calls, prepare and even rehearse your presentations. Get effective!

  • Leverage technology

If you have a computer, tablet or smartphone there are literally millions of programs that can be used to increase productivity. Scheduling, reminders, organization tools, team tools, the list is inexhaustible. Just think of a problem or challenge and a stack of solutions are available.

Now, it is important not to let technology become its own problem but it is important to use technology effectively. For example, I have always used Apple products and my current selection of a Mac Desktop computer, a MacBook notebook computer, an ipad and an iphone allows any work to be completely and automatically synced on all machines – this is a huge time saver as I always have everything I need at hand and damage, loss or theft is never a worry!

Using a Satellite Navigation system when driving saves lots of time – technology is there so use it! It is also essential to keep on top of changes and improvements as the entire world of technology changes every few weeks – stay current!

  • Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

One of the best ways to increase effectiveness to eliminate unnecessary activity from our schedules – most meetings are a complete waste of time. If a meeting does not have an agenda then don’t attend if you have a choice or ask the organizer to provide an agenda.  If a meeting is not necessary and if you have a choice then don’t go. Never call a meeting without a clear agenda and a defined outcome.

Look at your reporting, systems and organization. Are there duplications or unnecessary activities? Get rid of them? Is information kept in two different places? How many people touch a document – is it really necessary? With a little observation it is possible to determine that much of the work done has evolved overtime and is often not necessary.  As a salesperson protect your selling time and understand that time wasted can never be regained!

  • Spread The Good News

One of the most powerful sales tools is the success you are having with your current customers. Large companies regularly produce News Releases outlining sales successes! This builds essential credibility!

A News Release can present any good news – new equipment, a new hire, new customers, expanded services, a sales achievement or milestone! These can be posted on your website, blog, or in your newsletter. They can be posted on your Facebook page, Tweeted and heavily promoted on all Social Media – even sent to trade journals and newspapers.

This is called Public Relations and has been, and continues to be, an important part of business development. Use it don’t waste it!

  • How to Cold Call and Love It

Lots of people will tell you that Cold Calling is dead but I will tell you that it is still alive and is the primary tool to initiate B2B relationships. Sure, marketing and advertising is important and social media can be great to get the attention of prospects but selling is an active not a passive pursuit. Sooner or later someone needs to pick up the telephone and call somebody to ask for a meeting!

Cold calling is simple; it is about being real, having a compelling message and engagement. If you don’t enjoy Cold Calling it is because you are not being real and feel uncomfortable being fake. When we are not being real and when we have created some false persona, pitching some insincere written script we are not being natural – we feel it and the person on the other end of the telephone (often a gatekeeper) feels it too! And guess what? They shut down on us!

How is that a surprise?

A Cold Call should be a conversation and must start with engagement. Please real, be in the moment and ask the person on the other end of the telephone to participate.

It can be something a simple as a natural. ‘Hello. I am hoping you can help me!’ Asking for a favour engages and gets the other person involved.

NEVER READ A SCRIPT!!! People can hear this in a nanosecond and will shut you down! Be real, be in the moment and engage! Know what you want and enlist the person’s help to get you there.

I make dozens of Cold Calls every week and this works. Most important, because I am engaging with people I feel good about the calls.

Please think about any Cold Call you may have received – being polished does NOT help – it hurts! Success comes from being authentic.

  • Closing

The majority of salespeople do not close! Why? In most cases it is not because the customer will not buy but because we, as salespeople, have simply told ourselves that the customer is not ready to buy. Unless we try to close we will not know if the customer is really ready or not.

This is the power of the trial close!

A trial close is a test, a little push to learn if the customer is ready to buy. It could be a simple question such as:

  • What colour would you like?
  • When would you like that delivered?
  • Would you be interested in the extended warranty?

The question is not as important as the movement forward. If you get a positive response then you can close – ask for payment, a signature or whatever commitment is common in your business.

The important issue is to always use a trial close! Without asking we never truly know! ABC – always be closing!

  • Eliminating fear

Whether Cold Calling or Closing many salespeople avoid certain situations because of fear. Fear of selling can be fear of failure, fear of success or fear of a million different things. Fear can be a huge thing for many people holding many back from even taking action.

I would like you to consider something – a different way to look at fear.

When we were children and we feared the monster under the bed, in the closet or in our dreams our parents would explain that these things were not real and our fears disappeared.  As adults, we have the same feelings about cold calling, speaking in public or asking for the business. We fear that we will fail or be embarrassed but of what are we really afraid? We are afraid of the possibility of a feeling – a feeling in which we have complete control! This is, in fact, a mental mistake. Realize that you choose your thoughtsand have control over your thoughts. You can instantly eliminate fear. Do not treat fear as a real thing, like a barking dog, that needs to be controlled. It is not real – simply change your thinking and it will instantly vanish!

If you have not done the assignments from last week STOP HERE and go back and complete them. This is a practical course and success comes from doing!

This Module we will cover:

  • Creating a Miracle Mindset
  • Maintaining Results for the Long Haul
  • Get Stronger – The Power Of Discipline
  • Health, Fitness and Money
  • Creating a Success Plan
  • 10 Things that Always Work
  • 10 Things that Always Fail

Let’s get started!

Creating a Miracle Mindset

Top salespeople really can earn ten, twenty and even fifty times the average salary in their industries. In many cases selling exactly the same products at the same or higher pricing.  As we have discussed earlier, this doesn’t happen by simply working harder. It requires the ability to find bigger opportunities that others fear to go after or simply don’t see!

Understand that the human brain has the ability to process more information than any computer ever invented. In fact, recent studies suggest that the processing power of millions of computers would be required to equal the processing power of one human brain. Let’s be clear this is the subconscious mind not the conscious mind. The subconscious mind can process 70,000 events per second whereas the conscious mind can only process 6 or 7 events per second.  Imagine that while we are deciding on what to eat for lunch our brain is managing the operation of all our organs and bodily functions, walking, and reacting to our environment without our conscious awareness. On top of that the brain is processing thousands of external stimuli – sounds, temperature, noises, threats – and filtering what is important to us so that we can make important conscious decisions.

This is an important part of the miracle mind.

Of all of the signals and stimuli received who decides what is filtered and filed away and who decides what is important and requires our conscious attention?

We do!

We have, as individuals over time, trained our subconscious mind to filter everything except what we value. What we value is determined by what we think about.  The result is that we see the world that we expect to see.

This is where the miracle mind develops!

If our life experience is one of difficulty and pain then for most people that is what we think about. The more we think about things the more we see those things in our world and our limited conscious mind become fully occupied finding that pain in our world.

People with a different mindset see different things because their subconscious mind filters differently.

This is the same process that because we recently bought an iphone makes us aware of every iphone in the world around us. If we meet someone from Brazil we will begin to meet more people from Brazil in a very short period of time – even though we had never met someone from Brazil in our lives. Know what I mean?

Successful people see and find opportunity around them and failures see and find disappointment everywhere!

In order to become massively successful we must become Masterminds and become expects on seeing what we want to see in the world around us not what our subconscious is currently pre-filtering for us. It is by reprogramming our subconscious filters that we will change the world we see and our reality will change – almost instantly!

A miracle is a change in perception, not a change in reality!

Change the way we see the world and fears become thrills and problems become opportunities! If you have not thought about this before it may seem a strange idea but take some time and thing about how things tend to come to us – we think about a friend and the phone rings. We expect problems and they find us – it works both ways.


Make a list of all the areas of your life that you feel are not working. It could be your sales results, your ability to cold call, fear of making presentations, the people you are attracting into your life – anything that is not working the way you want it to work. Now, look at each item on your list and imagine what skills, what attitude, what world-view and what work ethic would be required to achieve success in those areas – at the highest possible level.  Perhaps you imagine that you would need to be a Lord Sugar or a Donald Trump to succeed – that is good! Now find a quiet place, close your eyes and imagine yourself as a Lord Sugar, Donald Trump or any highly successful person. Imagine how you would tackle challenges; imagine how you would view the opportunities in your world if you had the characteristics of a highly successful achiever?

This is a type of role-play or modeling. Now for the next 30 days take ten quiet minutes every day – early in the morning, just before sleep, or in the bathtub – and play the successful video of yourself in your mind.  After 30 days of daily modeling, assess how you feel about yourself and if your world has begun to change. As you become more skilled at modeling you will be able to begin to choose your thoughts and manage your mind.

This is the beginning to becoming a Mastermind!

Very important! Keep this process private! Few people will understand your goal of becoming a different, more successful person. It is often the people who are closest to us who will undermine our need and desire for change!

Maintaining Results for The Long Haul

You may have read that it takes twenty-one days to create a new habit but we only need to look at the diet industry to know that is not true. Many people will lose weight for six months or longer before slipping back into old habits. The fact is that until our actual beliefs change no change is permanent.

Permanent positive change takes constant discipline and regular work until our subconscious view changes. This can take a lifetime of vigilance or an instant change in perception – that is the miracle! The more effort put into changing the way we think the longer lasting and deeper the results.

Imagine that you believe in giving to the poor but don’t really have any experience of how poor people live. In this case your commitment to helping the poor would probably not be that strong. Now, imagine if you were to travel to a third world country where you were able to experience the very worst poverty personally. Wouldn’t this have a longer, deeper effect on your feelings about poverty?

Permanent change requires a deep change in the way that we view our world.


The goal of this course is to take your selling to the highest possible level. Write a fifty-word description of the sales career that you really want. Take time to write it in terms that are really meaningful and important to you. Use words that deeply resonate with your inner spirit. Read these words every day for 30 days and then save them in a place where you will regularly find them – could be laminated in your wallet, a screen saver or built into a daily online reminder. Just make certain that you create meaningful words and create a system to consistently remind yourself of your goals.

Get Stronger – The Power Of Discipline

Getting better takes work and many of us give up barely before we even start. New Year Resolutions are an example where many give up within hours. The problem for most of us is that big, important goals take a tremendous amount of discipline and effort and we are simply not used to having much discipline in our lives.

I think for many of us discipline is a horrible thing. We ask ourselves,‘why would I deny myself what I really want? What I want is to roll over and sleep.’ Discipline is not a horrible thing is it is simply a tool to get what we want. Perhaps, we want a fit and strong body – running is a means to that end and discipline is the awareness to focus more on the end than the means.

With a big enough ‘why’ any ‘how’ is possible! When I think about the major goals that I have achieved through my life the most meaningful and important have, almost always, been the easiest. Random goals without major drivers behind them never last very long but when the motivation is huge and fixed in our mind the obstacles seems to just fall aside.  The trick to using discipline to achieve goals is to start with a huge ‘why!’  Use your imagination to build clarity of vision. Use your desire to create a huge want, a ‘must have’ for the goal and then use discipline to get you through the tough times.

What makes an athlete push through the pain, the writer struggle past rejection, the business owner fight past isolation to achieve the great dream? It is the discipline to focus on the ‘why’ and forget about the ‘how’.

Where Does Discipline Come From?

I believe that discipline is itself a habit. I also believe that anyone can develop ironclad discipline by following a simple step-by-step process. I have found that by slowing adding structure in easy areas of my life that my discipline builds. For example, I used to struggle with getting up in the morning. I would push the snooze button or turn off the alarm all together and roll over. I solved this by putting my alarm in the kitchen. This forced me to get out of bed and by the time I made it to the kitchen I was awake. I find that having a very clean home and office space encourages more focus and makes the more challenging goals a bit easier. The key, for me, to build discipline with big goals is to be very disciplined with dozens of smaller goals that are relatively easy. Running everyday, might be a struggle but picking up wet towels I could do. Combine a dozen or more minor disciplines and the larger disciplines tend to fall into place. If I find myself struggling with the big disciplines I don’t give up I go back to the minor disciplines to re-establish focus.

This is a version of ‘count the pennies and the pounds take care of themselves’ – and it works!

Small disciplines, introduced over time, change our thinking and we become more highly goal-oriented. Once our mind becomes goal-oriented we become more disciplined and stronger and stronger.  As the goals become bigger and more meaningful we will find that the little disciplines we practiced support the larger disciplines needed to reach our bigger goals.

It is an upward spiral!

Most of us think of spirals being downward, little things fall apart, building until our world seems out of control. Well, the opposite can happen too! Seemingly trivial positive actions, deliberately added together create bigger and bigger success all fueled by the introduction of some very minor disciplines into our lives.


Make a list of twenty small disciplines that you could fairly easily manage on a daily or weekly basis. It could be not letting the petrol in your car get below the half-way mark, cleaning the kitchen as you cook instead of afterward, hanging up your clothes in the evening, or selecting your wardrobe the night before to save time in the morning. These are easy disciplines but they are habit builders making the tougher disciplines easier to tackle!

Health, Fitness and Money

Health and Fitness are very much like money in that with effort and discipline we can bank the energy that results from being active and healthful and build resiliency. When we are fit and strong we can absorb huge amounts of stress and difficulty with ease. When we go into overdraft with our fitness we become fat and life becomes difficult. We depend on caffeine to get going in the morning and sugar to keep us high during the day. Years of this negative behavior create the opportunity for a wide range of illnesses and depression.

Eating well and getting regular exercise (even walking) can have a profound effect on our mental state, energy and powers of persuasion. We may feel that we are fine but, just like a bank account, our bodies can go into overdraft and one day everything hits us at once – health never seems important until we lose it and then it is everything.  Take care of your health everyday and you will reap benefits that you cannot imagine!

Money can be the same, especially for salespeople who tend to always be optimistic about future earnings. Debt creates a negative mindset that hurts confidence and drains energy.  A positive bank balance leads to restful nights and a more positive approach to selling. Not needing the sale is also important to avoid chasing short-term results.


Take just a few minutes and evaluate your physical, mental and financial health. Could any of these areas improve? If the answer is yes than you can be sure you’re probably worse off than you think! Create a brief plan to improve these key areas of your life!

Creating a Success Plan

Success is not a mystery, it is a process, and with millions of millionaires in this world finding success is not a lottery it is about doing the right things. The same is true for health and fitness.  The world wants you to be healthy, happy and wealthy – if we are not these things it is because we are the fighting the world – we are not victims.

Take complete responsibility for your current situation and resolve to make it better. Understand that your thinking and your choices have brought you to where you are today – for good or for bad. Nobody has done anything to you and luck is of your own creation.

If you want your life to be better examine the choices that have brought you good things and resolve to do more of those good things, examine the pain and resolve to do fewer of the things that have resulted in that pain.

Do this and your life will, without doubt, improve and will improve quickly! 

10 Things That Always Work

  • Prepare
  • Always add value
  • Do want makes your feel better in the long run
  • Make healthy choices
  • Never lie
  • Meet your commitments
  • Don’t waste your time – qualify
  • Don’t disrespect yourself or others
  • Expect the best
  • Smile!

10 Things That Always Fail

  • Dishonesty
  • Taking advantage of weakness
  • Pushing to hard to sell
  • Blaming anyone for anything
  • Wasting people’s time
  • Revenge
  • Resentment
  • Short cuts
  • Debt
  • Competition

Congratulations on completing this program! Remember selling is a game where building skills and excellence never ends. Be committed to being the best that you can be and your career will reward you with friends, health and abundance!

Happy Selling!


Wyn Nathan Davis

The Sales Experts Ltd.

Canary Wharf, London, UK

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