Measure Twice, Cut Once!

There is an old saying, ‘measure twice and cut once’ but it is a maxim that has always been true.

So much time and resources are lost when we rush into action.

The same is true in sales! We don’t listen to customers, we don’t listen to suppliers, we don’t listen to production or even our own sales team we push forward ideas that, predictably, fail without taking time to think twice.

Salespeople are often great at speaking and, as a result, sometimes fall in love with their own voice. Sure, there are sales situations where aggressive talking will win the day, but in most selling situations success is more likely to come from listening.

Early in my sales career I discovered that the key to selling was to listen. In most cases, if you listen people will tell you what they want. Once, people tell you what is important to them, then your speaking skills will frame your sales pitch in terms that are important to your prospect.

Listening first can change everything and dramatically improve your sales results.

It is not just in sales but also in sales management. Too many managers bark out unrealistic orders to their sales force. The resulting wasted time and resources while the sales force tries in vain to realize the unrealistic goals of the manager.

Take some time and listen carefully before you decide what you are going to say. Too many salespeople miss the information that the prospects are trying to get across. Too many managers just go through the motions of listening so that they can say that they did listen.

Try this!

1) Listen first!

2) View your goal in light of what you have heard

3)Design your action plan

4) Keep listening!

Listening is one of the most powerful tools at the disposal of any salesperson. Start asking questions and listening carefully to the answers. Get a sense of what is important to your customers and frame your offering in terms that are important to them.

You will see your results improve!