Killer Sales Skill

If you could double your sales effectiveness would that make your life better? If you could change the performance of your sales team and improve their results would that make your life easier? Would happier customers be better for your business?

Then read on!

This post is a short one because it is aimed directly at the most important mistake salespeople make.

As a runner, I have learned that becoming a better runner is not really about running more – it is about running better. Running better comes down to skills development – speed work, hill-work, and intervals will result in stronger, faster running.

As a salesperson, I have learned that becoming a better salesperson is not really about selling more! How could it be? In most industries the top 1% of salespeople can earn 50 times what the average salespeople earn – the rainmaker. How could anyone work 50 times harder? Impossible – it is about working differently. Learn and practice the killer sales skills.

How much time do you spend planning sales calls and reviewing results? How much time do you spend developing new sales strategies? How many sales books have you read in the past year? Have you ever read a book on selling?

Most salespeople take an offensive approach to selling. This is true for both extrovert and introvert salespeople – just the styles are different.

Perspective is the mistake!


Most salespeople take the point of view of getting what they want. They know they want or need a sale and push in that direction. The result is always the same – the prospect will push back. The salesperson tries to rectify the situation by selling harder – more of the same.

The answer is not more the answer is a change in perspective.

Do not ask yourself, ‘how can I sell this prospect?’ rather ask, ‘why would they buy?’ If you truly put yourself in the prospect’s shoes selling becomes very easy.

Try this exercise to find your killer sales skill.

Take a moment to think about a few of your recent sales presentations. Now change positions and become the prospect – imagine their point of view and truly get in their shoes. Now, listen to what you said from the prospect’s point of view and imagine the prospect’s reactions to your pitch? Do you think they were impressed? Why not? Do you think they were convinced? Why not?

Continually ask these questions with as much honesty and sincerity as you can muster and you will dramatically improve your sales results!

Let the prospect write the pitch – this is what this means!

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