How to get more LinkedIn connections

Why would anyone want 5,000 connections on LinkedIn? Well, it depends on how you look at LinkedIn – if you look at LinkedIn like an online Rolodex to keep connected with only those that you know and trust well, then it is unlikely that you would want even 500 connections let alone 5,000. However, if you look at LinkedIn, as a marketing tool then having a large number of connections is valuable as everyone in your network (that’s your connections and their connections) will see you updates. 

Using these strategies I increased my connections from 978 to 5463 in 30 days! I now have more than 28,000 connections.

If you are a believer in ‘The Six Degrees Of Separation’ (that everyone on the planet are, ultimately, connected by six people or less), then adding connections makes absolute sense.

So how do you go from the 137 connections you currently have to 5,000 in a month? Well, here is the secret that the experts don’t want you to you know!

Open Networkers!

Open Networkers are well-established LinkedIn members who openly state that they welcome connections. 

There is a number of Open Networker groups, websites and clubs where LinkedIn members promote the fact that they are open to connecting.

Follow these steps and you will quickly have 5,000 members.

1)   Have a complete and compelling LinkedIn profile including a professional photo.

2)   Select the open networker option in your setting control panel.

3)   Add your LinkedIn email address to your profile to make it easier for people to invite you.

4)   Join 50-targeted groups and announce your joining with an invitation for all members to connect with you.

5)   Upload your customer list, email list and any other list of contacts you have and invite them to join you.

6)  Google ‘LinkedIn Open Networker’ and you will find a host of websites and clubs where Open Networkers come together to build connections. Some like have small membership fees but can deliver thousands of new, real connections.

7) In the advanced search option search for the keyword ‘Lion’ and you will find LinkedIn members who are looking to connect – and you can filter by Country or region!

That’s it!

LinkedIn has 250 Million users and if you are looking for a business audience than building your connections can’t really hurt! Combine a large LinkedIn Connection Network with a Blog and other Social Media tools and you’re on your way to building a significant online profile.

 If you would like to connect with me on LinkedIn I welcome your invitation!