9 Unbelievable Career Hacks That Work

In a competitive job market, everyone is looking for an edge. Here are nine career hacks that might seem unbelievable at first, but they really do work and can significantly boost your career prospects and professional life.

1. Schedule Emails for Optimal Impact

Using email scheduling tools to send your messages at optimal times can increase the likelihood that your emails will be read and responded to. Early mornings on weekdays tend to see higher engagement rates.

2. Use ‘Elevator Pitches’ in Emails and Meetings

Craft a compelling 30-second “elevator pitch” about who you are and what you do, and use this in emails or meetings. This brief and impactful introduction can make you memorable and clarify your value proposition instantly.

3. Turn Your Breaks into Networking Opportunities

Instead of scrolling through social media during coffee breaks, use this time to interact on professional platforms like LinkedIn. Comment on posts, congratulate connections on their achievements or share interesting articles. Small interactions can lead to big opportunities.

4. Set Google Alerts for Industry News

Stay informed about your industry by setting up Google Alerts. This helps you remain knowledgeable about recent developments, which you can then discuss intelligently in interviews and networking events, demonstrating your engagement and expertise.

5. Adopt the ‘Two Pizza Rule’ for Meetings

Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, famously instituted the “two pizza rule”: if two pizzas can’t feed the entire group, it’s too large. Smaller meetings tend to be more productive, so try to limit the number of participants to keep discussions focused and efficient.

6. Learn the Art of Storytelling

Whether you’re in a meeting, interview, or networking event, learning how to tell a compelling story can captivate your audience and make your messages more memorable. Incorporate storytelling into your presentations to engage and inspire.

7. Volunteer for Cross-Departmental Projects

Expose yourself to different parts of your company by volunteering for projects outside your usual scope. This not only broadens your skills but also increases your visibility with key players in other departments.

8. Master the Pre-Meeting ‘Warm-Up’

Before attending any meeting, spend a few minutes warming up like you would before a physical workout. This could mean reviewing your notes, rehearsing your points, or practicing deep breathing. Entering a meeting mentally prepared makes you more confident and articulate.

9. Keep an ‘Accomplishments’ File

Maintain a file where you jot down all your achievements, big or small. This can be a powerful tool during performance reviews or when updating your resume as it helps you remember your contributions and articulate them clearly to others.


These career advice may sound simple, but don’t underestimate their effectiveness. Incorporating these strategies into your professional routine can not only enhance your productivity but also increase your visibility and influence within your industry. Remember, sometimes the smallest adjustments lead to the most significant gains in your career.