Smart People are Happier

It’s true!  Happy people are smarter and chances are they will live longer, live healthier lives and make more money!

Research has shown that being happy produces endorphins – these are our body’s natural opiates, the neurotransmitters that control pain and create pleasure. There is a natural endorphin release when we do physical exercise, make love, laugh a lot or relax deeply (such as meditation, not watching the Coronation Street Omnibus).

Endorphins do more than just make us feel good, as neurotransmitters, they create more connections in the brain increasing intelligence.

Being happy makes business senses. When sincerely happy we create more and stronger relationships! This can help us sell more and make our relationships with co-workers, employees and customers better and stronger – it can put money in the bank.

I wrote recently that we actually have the ability to choose happiness. We have free will and can choose happiness or sadness in any situation.  I haven’t actually been to an Irish Wake but if the movies tell the real story they are happy events where people laugh and celebrate the life of the person who has died. Even funerals could be happy events!

Life or death we have a choice!

We also have a choice with how we view any opportunity – even failure. Is failure a bad thing? Experience has taught me that I have learned much more from failure than from success. Should we seek failure?  Well, in fact, whenever we push ourselves further we risk failure.

Until we fail we don’t really know our limits! So why not be happy even with failure?

Our happiness in life is very much subject to our point of view. Those who choose happiness have many good reasons for doing so – it makes good business sense!

As a salesperson, I have faced rejection every time I have asked for an appointment or an order but that is how I have determined my offering. Getting a no isn’t necessarily my goal but it should not not make me unhappy to hear a no!

Being happy isn’t just about being pleasant, although that is; well, pleasant, being happy is really about facing each and every moment with joy and enthusiasm. It is about waking up with a smile on our face and a powerful expectation about the coming day.

If you’re not happy then choose happiness and work hard to make everyone you meet happy about meeting you too! Being happy is just a simple improvement on life!

 You might just become smarter!