Get a great sales job

Get Active On LinkedIn

Many great sales jobs are never advertised instead companies hire recruiters to find the best sales talent available – often poaching talent from competitors! Sales Recruitment Agencies spend thousands every month on LinkedIn Recruiter access and if you are not there you may miss a great opportunity to get ‘head hunted’ for a top sales job. Connect with me on LinkedIn.

Recruiters may use a variety of search terms to find talent so make certain that your profile is listed under the correct industry and is rich with keywords. Many salespeople make the mistake of not changing the LinkedIn industry listing when they move from one industry to another and as a result risk never being found. Register with recruiters who may be able to place you!

Be certain to list your specific achievements for each position held. I am not interested in what ABC Company does but I do want to know what you did for them!

Make sure you get all the connection possible and really take time to complete your LinkedIn profile. Make an effort to get as many connections and endorsements and recommendations as possible to demonstrate your expertise. Write your profile in the first person and write in an approachable, natural style – be likable!

Invest in a professional photo! Do a search for Headshots and you can find lots of photographers that specialise in headshots for actors. These packages are fast, reasonably priced and deliver natural, energetic results. More of the five steps to landing a great sales job!

Spend Some Serious Time On Your CV/Resume

As a salesperson your CV should tell the recruiter why they should consider you. The focus needs to be on sales results. Don’t talk about what you did, talk about what you achieved!

If you are applying for a sales role then your résumé needs to focus on actual sales achievement not sales management. If you’re applying for a sales role then your resume should focus on what actions you took to get specific results from the sales team you managed.

Use words that convey action and results – not experience. Experience suggests your best days are behind you so focus on achieve and ambition – use a forward thinking style and vocabulary.

Get other people to read it and provide feedback – specifically people who work in your industry and will know what is relevant.

Your resume MUST sell you as a salesperson!

Look Your Best

five steps to landing great sales job

We are all being judge by other people at all times. Make an effort to drop a few pounds if it is needed – and it almost always is! Spend some time on personal grooming. For men, buy a new dark blue suit, make sure your shirts are freshly pressed and invest in quality neckties and shoes. For women, my advice is the same a dark blue suit and white blouse will always work! If you smoke don’t on the day of important interviews and make certain your clothes don’t smell of tobacco. Dress for success!

Arrange a trip to the dentist and make sure your teeth are clean and look healthy. There is a big difference between the United Kingdom and America on this subject. Americans like big, bright, white smiles and the British place much less emphasis on teeth. Do what is right for you but you can never make a mistake by looking healthy!

Many salespeople struggle with all kinds of afflictions – bad breath, acne, chewed fingernails – hey salespeople are just human after all – but when it comes time to the job search deal with issues. See a doctor if necessary but fix those issues. It is a beauty contest!


Salespeople should be able to sell yourself and although most interviews follow the traditional format where the interviewer does 90% of the talking be prepared to pitch the interviewer on your skills, abilities and most important your achievements – know the numbers! Just as in a client situation, listen, let them talk but do your best to control the conversation!

Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty

The most important thing you can do for your career is to have a network of contacts that can hire you, recruit you or assist you in a job search. We are in a world where entire industries can disappear almost overnight. Huge companies go out of business or change direction and you can find yourself on the street – be prepared! If you’re over 35 years old this is most important because chances are you will get screened out of most recruitment.

Five steps to landing a great sales job? The reality is that there are hundreds of little steps but focusing on a few of the majors will make a major difference. The fact is that the best salespeople are always getting offered jobs and can pick up the phone and get a new job within minutes. If you are not that secure then invest in your skills, and work harder to get the results that will bullet proof your career!

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Five steps to finding a great sales job