Sales Recruitment

Disruptive Sales Recruitment Strategy Changing Business Fortunes

One of the most critical hires for any business is the salesperson. Top salespeople can generate 5, 10 or even 20 times the revenue of an average salesperson but most sales teams are overwhelming average.


Because the accepted method of sales recruitment – posting ads on job boards – almost guarantees mediocrity! The best sales people simply don’t troll job boards. Why would they?

How do the best salespeople find jobs?

The best salespeople know their industry, they know the players and they know where they want to work. The best salespeople can pick up the telephone, land a meeting and secure an offer. So, if the best salespeople are not responding to your job posts and not calling you directly then how do you hire them? Well, disrupt them of course!

How are we disrupting sales recruitment?

• We don’t place ads on job boards
• We don’t sift through CV databases of job seekers
• We don’t ‘shop’ candidates simply to fill a placement
• We don’t charge ridiculous fees based on percentages

• We do take the time to understand the role and the company
• We do ‘headhunt’ top talent
• We do sell top talent on the opportunity not sell the company on the talent
• We do charge a fair flat-rate fee based on real costs

It is a fact that more than 75% of the fully employed LinkedIn members are NOT actively looking. This number jumps to over 90% for the strongest talent. These people (the best people) don’t need to look. They will be found by aggressive recruiters and former co-workers. Unless the supply of great sales talent exceeds the demand in your candidate pool, the likelihood of hiring a top salesperson is remote.

To attract top sales performers, companies need to structure their hiring processes on the premise that they need to hunt for the best salespeople not weed them out. At The Sales Experts we manage all aspects of the recruitment process to help you hire your industry’s best performers.

Our disruptive approach is working and the The Sales Experts has a 98% success rate!

Let it work for your business.