Welcome to The Sales Experts Blog – our focus is sales recruitment- in London, throughout the United Kingdom and globally – selling skills, and sales process! Successful selling touches on so many areas of business and life – sales skills, sales development, sales process, presentation skills, confidence and more – this blog explores these and more. In writing this sales blog our intention is to stimulate thinking and share ideas! There are hundreds of articles in this sales blog and we hope you find value here. ‘London’s most recognised Sales Recruitment Specialists!’ It all started October 1, 1989 with a passion for selling and a deep belief that we could find a better way to sell. It is our profound belief that, approached correctly, selling is an inspiring, positive and rewarding experience. The idea is a simple one. When companies invest in insightful sales recruitment, develop intelligent sales processes and deliver practical sales training businesses will thrive.

Wyn Nathan Davis

Managing Director, The Sales Experts Ltd

The Rainmaker Sales Mastery Program

A Power Day of Sales Development for Sales Professionals

Learn to sell on your terms, remove price and manage the client conversation

Delivered live at your Location


Candidates Placed Stay At Least 1 year


Candidates Stay At Least 2 Years


Candidates Placed Consistently Hit Sales Targets

Disruptive Sales Recruitment

The best salespeople know their industry, they know the players and they know where they want to work. The best salespeople can pick up the telephone, land a meeting and secure an offer. So, if the best salespeople are not responding to your job posts and not calling you directly then how do you hire them? Well, disrupt them of course!

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Leverage Brexit Panic

Brexit Sales Survival. Business doesn’t like change or uncertainty and if you are working hard to sell your products or services this can be a frustrating time. So, what is the answer? Keep your head down and wait? No!

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How Top Salespeople Land Impossible-to-Get Meetings

Success is all about making connects but how do we connect with the people who can really make a difference to our business? The best salespeople, The Rainmakers (they are called rainmakers because no matter how dry the business they can always make it rain) understand how to pick up the phone and get the appointment.

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Sales Tools

Important sales tools. Start with a simple sales process for your business and then make a plan to meet with 100 prospects as quickly as possible.

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Steve Jobs Quotes

Steve Jobs (February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011) was a technology entrepreneur and on of the most influential business person of the last 50 years. Apple was, for many years, a bit of a marginal technological player but in recent years has become the most important company in the world. Apple and Steve Jobs has changed the way we think about and use technology!

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Don Draper is Sales Pitch Perfect!

The Best Sales Pitch Ever? Selling has earned a bad reputation because too many, if not most, salespeople simply don’t know how to sell and think that talking ‘features and benefits’ is enough. The result is the ‘numbers game’. The idea that if we simply give the same... read more

The #1 Secret to Hire Great Salespeople

The #1 Secret to Hire Great Salespeople?  Online sales job boards are almost completely a waste of time! Why? Because why would a great salesperson use an online job board to find a job? They wouldn’t! The top salespeople in every organisation are regularly... read more

Why You’re Not Getting Hired!

As a recruiter specialising in sales roles you might think that in our, still fragile, recovering economy that finding great salespeople would be easy. Well, it is not! Good sales people are hard to find in any economy! You feel you have some skills, people like you,... read more

Be Your Best – Not Try, Be!

Be your best! Life has an amazing ability toward abundance. Year after year, throughout history humans have gotten faster, stronger and better. We grow more food, live healthier lives, live longer, and are smarter now than we have ever been. Generation after... read more

Classic Kopmeyer Success Book

Classic Kopmeyer Success Book THOUGHTS TO BUILD ON BY M. R. KOPMEYER America’s Success Counselor To Millions “Our LIFE is what our THOUGHTS make it.” -Marcus Aurelius This is a book of THOUGHTS to build your LIFE on. It is a unique book … 80... read more

Five Steps To Landing A Great Sales Job!

Five Steps To Landing A Great Sales Job!  Get Active On LinkedIn Many great sales jobs are never advertised instead companies hire recruiters to find the best sales talent available – often poaching talent from competitors! Sales Recruitment Agencies spend thousands... read more

How To Fix Your Sales Problem

The best salespeople are generating the majority of sales wherever they are. Steal them away!

Once you have hired the best watch what they do, document what they do and build it into your sales process. Over time your business will get stronger and stronger.

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Over 35? Why You Could Soon Be Unemployable

Over 35? Why You Could Soon Be Unemployable Recruiters are increasing being asked by employers not to present candidates whose careers started before 2000. The reality is that the employment ‘sweet spot’ is between 25 and 35. Older candidates are considered expensive... read more

Bypass Gatekeepers and Book More Meetings!

Does the idea of picking up the telephone to book a meeting with a business prospect fill you with dread? The use of the telephone is becoming more and more important. Security measures mean that the only way to meet with prospective buyers is to first connect on the... read more

The Myth Of Price Objections

I challenge you to take a moment and think about the contents of your kitchen cupboards – are they filled with no-name brands?  What about your bathroom? Are the shelves filled with the lowest priced shampoos, skin treatments and cosmetics? What is in your driveway?... read more

3 Reasons You Didn’t Close The Sale

The reality of selling is that we will not close every sale! Even if you were trading Gold for Silver there would be someone who would simply not buy. There are many things beyond our control in the selling environment. Looking carefully at the result of every client... read more

7 Reasons Your Sales Suck!

Sales are the life-blood of every business. If your business provides real value then there is no reason for sales failure but if sales suck chances are you are not doing the fundamentals! Here are 7 reasons your sales might be falling short!  1. No business plan A... read more

11 Proven Ways To Raise Energy

1. Mid-day Work Out – It feels counter-intuitive to work out when we feel tired but getting active, even a brisk walk during lunch, can raise our energy, mood levels and decision-making ability through the afternoon 2. Power Nap – With a little practice you can learn... read more

Getting Past No!

A Salesperson’s Job Starts With No!  It is great to write orders! The phone rings and the prospects simply asks for what we are selling. But that’s not really selling is it? That’s order taking. Unfortunately, that what most so-called salespeople do... read more

What Your Email Address Says About You

Is it important to you to be taken seriously? Are you self-employed or looking for your next great career opportunity?  Then take a look at your email address – it speaks volumes! As a sales recruiter I view hundreds of CVs/Resumés every week – most are simply crap! I... read more

Five Ways To Get Your Emails Opened

Do you wish your emails received a better response?  Do you wish your emails would at least get opened? Are you ready to give up on email marketing altogether?  If so, these five tips will help you get significantly better results! Emails are still a very powerful... read more

Email – The Medium Is The Message!

Business is never easy and always competitive. There are so many things we cannot control so why wouldn’t we control the few things we do have control over? Take a look at your sent emails over the last week – impressed? Everything we do sends a message to the reader... read more

Think And Grow Rich – Napolean Hill

Think and Grow Rich is the 1937 classic self-improvement book that has sold millions of copies.  It is reproduced here in it’s entirety. If you would like to download a free pdf version click here! FOREWORD “Whatever your mind can conceive and believe it... read more

The Secret Power Of Discipline

Every morning my alarm beeps to wake me at 5:00am. On most days I wake up 2 or 3 minutes before my alarm sounds. I instantly get out of bed and start my day – a strong cup of coffee, then head out into the early morning for my daily run. Running every morning is a... read more