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The current environment, with businesses around the world just coming out of lockdown, a horrific war in Ukraine and economic uncertainty is looking to be the most challenging job-hunting period since the great depression.

You can minimize the affect of any economic turn-down by getting ready and preparing yourself long before any bad news arrives. Whatever you do don’t wait under you receive your redundancy notice. Get ready now and stay ready!

  • Becoming unemployed in the first place

Prevention is better than the cure. If your company is still in business, then now is the time to make yourself indispensable. If your company is looking at making cutbacks there may be nothing you can do but, in most cases, businesses look at these moments to get rid of the lowest value employees. Businesses certainly don’t fire the best!

Sit down and ask yourself if you are really performing at the highest level? Be honest with yourself and create a list of what you can do to perform better, add more value, and improve your attitude. Make the changes that will get noticed and make sure you’re seen to be going the extra mile.

On top of ramping up your performance do a personal upgrade. Get some regular exercise, improve your diet (whole foods and more vegetables), loose 5 pounds, get some sun (everyone looks better with a bit of a tan), freshen up your wardrobe, and shine your shoes (dress for two jobs above your current position). Look your best – it’s a war out there!

Employment is a beauty contest. Employers are comparing our achievements, experience, education, track-record, health and physical attractiveness with dozens of other candidates. This is not about ‘beauty’ but about ‘attractiveness’. When we are healthy, eating well, getting enough sleep, getting regular exercise, and not abusing drugs or alcohol we look bright, positive and energetic. Take good care of yourself and you will attract more positive results. Invest in every aspect of your dress and presentation.

  • Under-selling your Achievements

As a sales recruiter I read hundreds of CVs/Résumés and view thousands of LinkedIn profiles every week. Less than 1% stand out. In fact, I would say that I only see a great CV/Résumé three or four times a year.

A CV should tell your story and it must be a successful story. It should outline a consistent history of achievement, success and good decisions. Hard numbers are always best, but every word should demonstrate your history and commitment to delivering measurable success for your employers.

I think most people spend an hour or two creating a CV – at the most. Instead you should be spending 20 to 40 hours to craft and polish a powerful document. Your goal should be to create a document that presents you in the most positive light possible while remaining honest. It should be a powerful and compelling read.

The goal of a CV is to get you an interview, the goal of an interview is to get a second interview and an offer. If you are not getting interviews, your CV is hurting you. If you are not getting second interviews or offers, your interview skills are failing. Prepare, rehearse, focus, evaluate and refine (repeat).

  • Missing the value of your connections

If you have never heard of The Six Degrees of Separation, then you are missing the power and leverage of relationships. This is the very basic value premise behind social networking and website like LinkedIn. The premise is that everyone in the world is connected by six people or less.

I am connected to the PA of a Royal who, is in turn connected to The Queen. Therefore, I am connected to The Queen in Three Degrees. 

I am connected to a school teacher in Argentina who, in turn is connected to her Village Priest, who in turn is connected to The Pope. Therefore, I am connected to The Pope in Three Degrees.

When you apply for a job, LinkedIn can show you which connections of yours are connected to that target, so you can leverage your connection for background information, inside connections, introductions, or recommendations that can land you a job!

If possible, get your connections working for you and on your behalf to find unadvertised jobs and get ahead of the competition.

  • Not turbo charging your LinkedIn profile

Too many job-seekers ignore LinkedIn and it is absolutely one of the biggest mistakes. If you didn’t know, LinkedIn has a massive backend named LinkedIn Recruiter. Recruiters pay thousands of pounds a year to get access to the best potential candidates. LinkedIn Recruiter is a massive database that must be searched. If your profile is not up-to-date, if you have not listed your achievements, if your industry listed in not correct or out-of-date you will not be found. Getting found is the power of being chased by employers and recruiters opposed to applying for jobs and chasing opportunities.

  • Expecting, preparing or even considering the worst.

Employers, recruiters and even the universe can smell fear, anxiety and desperation and will give you the rejection you expect. Believe in yourself and expect the best and your chances of success will increase. Expecting success when the television and social media are filled with doom and gloom is not easy, but you must expect success. A negative expectation will destroy opportunities.

Be the very best version of yourself and chances are you will be noticed, and you will keep your job. Even if you do keep your job continue to improve every aspect of yourself to keep your competitive edge just in case the worst happens.

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