The Rainmaker Closing Faster Program

Sales Closing Program

The Rainmaker Closing Faster Program – Closing Faster is essential – today’s buyers have a shorter attention span with more buying options than ever before! Wyn Nathan Davis

All programs include a printable certificate from The London Sales Academy as evidence of course enrolment and completion. This certificate can be include as part of your resumé or presented to your manager demonstrating your commitment to selling skills improvement.

Sales Closing Certificate

Selling is an extremely competitive field in which staying ahead of the competition and closing fast is an essential skill. The shorter the selling process the higher your chance of success. That’s why Closing Faster Program is designed to provide salespeople with a set of proven closing skills, techniques and knowledge to increase their ability to win more business more quickly.

This program looks beyond the simple importance of closing techniques in winning a deal, but demonstrates how leveraging buyer motivation, identifying prospect needs and mindset and uncovering key influencing factors will lead to closing more sales faster. It also covers the profitable process of increasing the value of products as perceived by prospects and effectively pitching the suitability of an offer.

Perfect pitching closest more business faster!

Ultimately, salespeople using this program will come away with new techniques and skills to make more profitable sales to a larger proportion of the prospects they speak to and to close them faster than ever before.

Book this program today and start closing more sales faster than ever before.

Who should buy this program?

This Closing Faster course is designed for the following individuals:

  • Field sales people
  • B2B sales people
  • Experienced sales people who need a refresh skills
  • Sales people who have had no formal training on the subject
  • New sales people
  • Client relationship managers
  • Internal telesales people
  • Account managers
  • Business development managers
  • Commercial managers

Order today and start closing more sales faster than ever before!

Program Content

This Closing Faster course covers the following topics:

  • Understanding the most powerful closing techniques ever developed
  • How to make your prospect want to buy
  • Identifying and initiating buying signals
  • How to ask for the business fast
  • Identifying the key information you need to win the business faster
  • How to shorten the buying cycle of any business

This course packs the equivalent of a 3-day course into a power-packed 71-minute audio program and accompanying workbook. You will receive the program via email within 72 hours of your order being received. The PDF workbook and MP3 Audio program will be sent via email.

This Closing Faster course is priced at £29.95 or $49.95 Order now!

The Rainmaker Closing Faster Program presented by Wyn Nathan Davis, packs into 71 minutes all the powerful, proven closing ideas and strategies that have taken him 25 years to research, develop and perfect. Every single one of them is positively explosive.



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