The Rainmaker Sales Mastery Program

A Power Day of Sales Development Specifically Customised for your Business

Learn the Skills and Build the Disciplines of the Top Sales Performers

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The Rainmaker Sales Mastery Program – Delivered at your Location

High Growth Sales Training: take your business from okay to Wow!

This full day program will show you how to sell with more confidence, connect with more buyers, get more face-to-face selling time and increase sales quickly. Selling is NOT natural! Selling is a learned skill and all salespeople and business owners will benefit from this intensive one-day program.

Rainmaker Sales Mastery Program is an intensive one-day program delivered at your location.

Designed to take your sales effectiveness to an entirely new level. This course will be personally by Wyn Nathan Davis a recognised sales expert and professional speaker. Wyn is not a presenter who teaches sales training Wyn is a sales experts who has actually sold for twenty-five years, in 28 countries and personally sold more than 300 hundred millions of pounds of products and services from a range of sectors.

Rainmaker Sales Mastery Program Live Event will take your selling to a new level and will push you way out of your comfort zone. You will learn and master the tools to effectively take control of the client conversation. You will learn how to create a winning sales process that will deliver the business year after year. You will end the roller coaster sales that keep your business small and will finally understand the tools and skills that true sales rainmaker use to win business and get results.

Rainmaker Sales Mastery Program

Here is an overview of the program passionately delivered by Wyn Nathan Davis

What Makes A Great Salesperson

The winning mindset
The winning personality
Introvert or extrovert?
Atitude and discipline

The Mind Game

Directional goal setting
Developing a winning attitude
The power of intention
The Law of Causality
Eliminating fear
Create a Miracle Mindset
Double your income fast
Learn to choose your thoughts – become a Mastermind

The Science of Selling

The Sales Process
Why we buy
Scalable sales processes
Data is your friend
Measure and adjust, measure and adjust
Understand what works
Understanding today’s empowered buyer
Get the customer to write the pitch
Get the customer to sell themselves

Social Leverage

Where the money is
The Power of Social Media
The Law of Social Proof
LinkedIn Secrets
How to get 10,000 LinkedIn Connections within days
Leveraging the power of your LinkedIn and Social media network
How to really network
The Power of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Positioning for Success

Special Module – How to Successfully Cold Call
Creating a Sales Pipeline – Prospecting Power
How to create a Power Prospect List
Find your perfect clients
How inconsistency creates sales roller coasters
Selling Smarter NOT Harder
Creating awareness of your personal brand
How to build a huge network
Creating a compelling personal statement
Prospecting and Selling on LinkedIn
Creating an audience
Power listening
Preparing for sales situations and delivering winning sales presentations

Advanced Selling Skills

Negotiate sales and pricing
Eliminate price objections
Destroying sales objections
Monetize your offer
Change your thinking and change your results
Monetize every action
Become ruthlessly efficient
Leverage technology
Simplify, Simplify, Simplify
Spread the good news
Book all the meetings you need

Maintain Momentum

Maintaining results for the long haul
Get stronger – The Power of Discipline
Health, Fitness and Money
Develop multiple streams of income
Building a sales team
The Sales Acceleration Formula
Guarantee your place
Creating a success plan
10 things that always work
10 things that always fail
25 must-do actions that will change your life forever

50 Real World Sales Truths

50 Steps to take beginning today
50 Actions that bring real results
The fastest route to increased revenue

So, what’s in it for you?

The achievement of the highest goals you’ve ever entertained for your sales career.
The recognition you’ll get as a superior salesperson.
The satisfaction of being the best salesperson you can be. knowing you did it yourself.
More sales for your effort and dedication to being better.

This full day begins at 9:00am and ends at 6:00pm.

Presented by Wyn Nathan Davis

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Wyn Nathan Davis

Managing Director,The Sales Experts Ltd