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What Type of Sales Job Is Right for You?

As you look through the current jobs consider what is right for you! If you’re looking for a sales job, you need to ask yourself one critical question, sooner rather than later: Am I a hunter or a farmer?

A hunter is great at building a client base from the ground up and excels at identifying targets, prospecting and closing new business – a real pioneer! A farmer salesperson enjoys working with existing accounts, growing existing relationships, and cross-selling and up-selling the existing clients.

If you’re a hunter at heart, you probably won’t like a sales job that requires the cultivating style of the farmer. Conversely, if you’re a farmer, you’ll want to leave the hunting to someone who thrives on the thrill of the chase.

The skill sets are really different, and that’s why this question is important to consider when looking at the type of sales job you are likely to succeed doing.

It also isn’t necessarily all one thing or the other – we might perfectly fit into a blend. But it’s not the only key variable you’ll need to take into account. Be sure you ask yourself three additional critical questions and understand these key terms:

  • Inside Sales or Outside Sales?
  • Straight Commission or Salary Plus Commission?
  • Use an Established System or Sell Your Own Way?

These decisions are based on our personal style, ability to manage stress, confidence and are particular life situation. Aggressive, high risk, high reward sales positions might fit at one point in our life but not another.
One thing is certain – don’t chase jobs that you know in your heart are wrong for you – they won’t work in the end!