Women who exercise earn more

It’s time to exercise your earning potential. 

Frequent exercise increases wages, and more so for women than for men, according to a Cleveland State University study conducted by Vasilios Kosteas. Note this is not women that look fit but that physically exercise. The results were not dependent on visual appearance specifically.

Women who exercise frequently (The study defined exercise as aerobics, running, swimming, or cycling. However,  weight training offers all the same cognitive and energy-increasing benefits.) earn 11.9% more, on average, than women who don’t – a boost that’s roughly equal to the salary benefit of 1.8 additional years of schooling.

For men, the salary benefit of frequent exercise is 7.6%, equivalent to 1.3 years of more schooling. 

The findings are consistent with the general belief that beauty and fitness matter more for women’s salaries than for men.

The study focused on employed women and men, however, it makes sense that self-employed would benefit even more.

What’s the deal here? 

Studies have shown that exercise increases your intelligence, positive attitude, and energy levels, says study author Vasilis Kosteas, Ph.D.

“Each of these factors in turn can raise a person’s productivity, leading to higher earnings,” Kosteas says.

Basically, you feel better and work better when you exercise, and that translates to a heftier paycheck. There is also the perspective that perception become reality. When people see us a more fit and stronger this adds to the perception that we are more successful. People tend to want to invest in and do business with people who are more successful. Physical fitness leads to more success.

When we allow ourselves to get out of shape so many aspects of our lives suffer. We lose energy, we become less resilient and more subject to the negative aspects of stress. We begin to age faster and people around us will tend to see us as under performing. Those around us who are fit are also viewed as more energetic, more disciplined, more attractive people – there are no circumstances in our careers where being perceived at stronger, more resilient, and more discipline would be a bad thing.

Investing in our health and fitness is essential to success in life and the more we invest in our physical health the broader the benefit. The reality is that the most very successful people are physically fit.

Those over 40-years-old benefit to even a larger degree as most people’s fitness goes into sharp decline over 40 years of age. The very fit 40-year-old professional really stands out!

An investment in fitness is really an investment in you! 

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