If your company is like most then you spend almost nothing on sales training. Do you really think that your staff can get better sales results and be more productive on their own?

If you are a salesperson, how much time have you spent in the last twelve months improving your skills, listening to training programs, reading sales books? Do you really believe that you cannot get better at your work?

I have read more than three hundred books on sales and marketing. Every time I pick up a new book or reread an old book I learn something new or remember something that can improve my work.

Keep a book in your briefcase and when you have a few minutes while waiting for a call or a plane or just eating lunch, read a few pages. Read five pages a day and you will complete five or six books a year. In ten years, that could amount to more than five hundred books on your craft.

Do you think some tips and information direct from world experts may help your sales results?

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