Pay attention, this is really important and is at the heart of every impulse to buy.  Understand this and learn to communicated this to your prospects, leads and customers and you will sell more! A lot more!

Increase is what all men and women are seeking; it is the urge of life within all of us, seeking fuller expression. Provide the impression of increase in your business and people will want to do business with you.

The desire for increase is deep-rooted in all of nature; it is the essential drive of all living beings. All of our activities are to gain increase; we are seeking more food, more clothes, better shelter, more money, more health, more luxury, more beauty, more knowledge, more pleasure – increase in something, more life! Even those who want less of material things want more of something – more freedom!

Every living object is under this necessity for constant advancement; where increase of life stops, decay and death begin at once.

We all know this instinctively, which is why we are forever craving more. All life is the same – weeds fight through concrete and we will fight to improve our lives. And because this is the most deep-routed instinct in all of us, all men and women move to the person who can give them more of the means of life.

How to achieve this?

Convey the impression of advancement with every client touch-point so that prospects will receive the impression that you are an advancing business and that all who do business with you will also advance.

No matter how small the transaction put into it the thought of increase, and make certain that the prospect is clearly impressed with that thought. Do this and people will buy  your products and services.

Be certain that your brand and everything you do conveys the thought of increase so that people will receive the impression that you are an advancing business and that you advance all of those who deal with you.

Start by developing and holding the unshakeable belief that you and your business are advancing and providing increase to every customer. Believe in the benefit your business is delivering! Make this belief part of every decision, action and client touch-point. Do everything with the fixed conviction that you are an advancing business, and that you are giving advancement to everybody who does business with you.

Make a determined effort in doing this, and promote the fact and you will have no shortage of customers. People will always go where they are given increase and so it is essential that you understand what increase your business actually delivers to your clients and use that as the focus of your services, marketing and sales efforts.

Think about these tag lines…

  • Just do it
  • Think different
  • I’m lovin’ it
  • Because you’re worth it
  • Melts in your mouth not in your hands

A well crafted tag line instills a sense of increase and advancement for the consumer – when they buy they will get more of something. It is the advancement, the sense of increase that draws us toward the brand.

In your sales effort take time to understand what the particular market segment needs to hear to feel a sense of increase and then make that your business and your message. Listen to your prospects and know what is important to them.

Michelin focuses on different aspects of its tires depending on the buyer – safety or performance!


Take time to really understand why people do business with you – often it is very not what you think. Watch, listen and then reflect the sense of increase back to them.

This is more than creating value, much more, it is about creating a belief with your customer that their life will be better, be fuller, be more of something!

Don’t tell your customer what you want to tell them, tell them what they want to hear to feel increase and advancement – and deliver that!

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