Six Tips for Selling

Sales hacks can provide a short cut to success! Authenticity is essential, however, understanding social cues and behaviors can help us manage situations and get the results we want. Challenging situations with angry customers or when struggling to get past gatekeepers a little understanding of how we respond to psychologically can help us get the positive results we are looking for.

Why rub people the wrong way when we can act to smooth the way to our goals?

Try these six sales hacks to get better results!

1. Whenever a client is angry and aggressive, stand beside them instead of directly in front of them. You won’t be as so much of a threat, and they will begin to relax and calm down.

2. Open with “Can you help me?” People don’t enjoy the guilt of not helping someone with a problem. When asking for a favor from someone, begin your request by saying “Can you help me?” It dramatically increases your chances of getting the positive result you want. Start your telephone cold call with, ‘Excuse me, I am hoping you can help.’ before asking to get past the gatekeeper – works wonders!

Restate what the other person says to you using different words. This validates that you are listening and really interested in what is being said. Clearly, you don’t want to overdo this but two or three times in a conversation can have great results.

4. If you want someone to agree with your ideas, nod while you talk. This triggers the other person to nod as well, and they begin to subconsciously believe they agree with you.

5. If someone doesn’t like you, ask to borrow a pen or some other very small favor – a small enough favor that they won’t say no, the fact that they help you gets them to like you more.

6. Repeat a person’s name multiple times during the conversation. It helps you to remember their name, and the recognition makes them like you more.