Recruit Top Sales Performers with a Specialist Recruiter

One of the challenging roles to recruit for is a top sales performer.

The top salespeople in every organisation are regularly headhunted by competitors, customers, suppliers and recruiters. As a result, they will never apply for your job postings. The best sales talent moves seamlessly from one great job to the next because they are known in their industries for top performance. They are constantly being chased!

Job postings for top talent are almost 100% a waste of time.

So, what is the best approach?

There are 3 simple but critical steps.

First step

Create a talent profile for your ideal sales candidate. Be completely clear on what your business needs. It is very easy to get side tracked in the recruitment progress.

A clear shopping list will help you keep aligned with what you really need. Your profile hunting list should direct you to the top sales performers in your industry, rank them by the most critical key performance indicators and then design a powerful recruitment pitch.

Once you have identified the very best proven talent the next step is create an unstoppable offer.

Second step

Headhunt! Target direct competitors and companies with similar selling environments. That means identifying the top salespeople at companies that sell to the same decision makers as your business. These salespeople have the industry knowledge, the network and the relationships to guarantee success.

Hunt your industry’s top performers because they can deliver real results fast.

Third Step

Make sure that your company, sales process and compensation plan supports success. Top sales performers know what success requires and if your company does not support success then the best sales talent will not be interested.

Create an environment for winners if you want to attract and keep winners. Design the best sales environment and leverage every resource of the best toward sales success and you will attract those elusive tome performers.

Think you can hire mediocre (for less money) and train to excellence?

Think again. Training industry research has proven that mediocre salespeople do not benefit from sales training – they simply don’t improve because the attitude is not that of a winner. Skill without drive is wasted. Sales training invested in top performing salespeople brings real results!

If you want the best sales results hire the best sales talent. Any other approach is just a waste of time. You will need a specialist sales recruitment. Contact The Sales Experts.