Why you could be unemployable

Recruiters are increasing being asked by employers not to present candidates whose careers started before 2000. The reality is that the employment ‘sweet spot’ is between 25 and 35. Older candidates are considered expensive and troublesome:

  • Expensive and expecting annual increases
  • Demanding
  • Less hustle 
  • Increasingly out of touch
  • More likely to become new parents

Companies are increasing looking to get the maximum productivity from employees and hiring younger is seen as the easiest strategy to achieve that goal. The average age University educated couples have their first child is now 35 and employers who can keep the average age of the team at 30 will avoid many of the costs related to employees starting families.

Combine this with the fear that as employees get older they will develop a variety of negative attributes:

  • Increased number of sick days
  • More holiday entitlement
  • Less flexible
  • More demanding
  • More expensive
  • Seen as out of touch with the rapidly changing market

Overall, the future does not look good for our aging workforce!

So, how do you bullet proof your career? Here are some steps that can be taken today to protect your future.

Add value

Too many employees rest on past accomplishments (the sales they built, the problems solved, etcetera) but to employers those achievements happened yesterday and you were paid for that work. What the employer wants to know is why should I pay for you tomorrow? Figure out how to continually add value and to make sure management is aware of your continuing accomplishments.

Dig your well before you’re thirsty

Too many people confuse the power of position with personal power. People may want to talk to you because of your position but will they want to talk to you when you’re out the door? Build your professional network and profile. How to measure if your personal profile is where it should be? If you are not getting at lease one call a month from a head hunter, customer, supplier or competitor wanting you hire you than you’re not doing enough – simple!

Invest in yourself

Most divorced people make joining a gym one of the first things they do – they are back on the market and need to compete with everyone to find a new partner. Don’t wait until you are unemployed. Invest in yourself everyday – fitness, network, education, and skills. Being the best you can be everyday will mean you are less likely to be made redundant and will increase your chances of making a quick transition when that day does come.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that your company is loyal or that you will be rewarded for past success. Somebody at your company has the job to maximize productivity! At some point you will be shown the door or forced out.

Dig your well before you’re thirsty!

Over 35? Why You Could Soon Be Unemployable