11 proven ways to raise energy

1. Mid-day Work Out – It feels counter-intuitive to work out when we feel tired but getting active, even a brisk walk during lunch, can raise our energy, mood levels and decision-making ability through the afternoon

2. Power Nap – With a little practice you can learn to sleep very deeply for 10 to 20 minutes and wake truly refreshed. Find a quiet spot and close your eyes but set your phone alarm as sleeping too long can mess-up nighttime sleeping!

3. One Cup Of Coffee – Drinking too much coffee has its own problems but just one cup can really get you started!

4. Have a laugh – A few minutes of laughter raises our energy levels and boost our mood for several hours. So get out of your office and share a laugh with your co-workers.

5. Brighten Your Life – Open the curtains and turn on all the lights. A brighter environment will boost your energy and your mood – particularly during dark winter afternoons.

6. Breathe – Take a few deep, long breaths and you will get your heart pumping and boost energy for hours.

7. Drink Water – Too many of us our actually dehydrated and simply don’t drink enough water. A tall glass of cold water will help brain function and boost energy. Better yet keep water at your desk and sip all day long!

8. Sing A Show Tune – Your co-workers may not appreciate your vocals skills but studies have shown just a few minutes of singing boosts energy levels for hours!

9. Smell A Lemon – Smelling certain scents (aromatherapy) have a real effect on alertness and energy.

10. Do Something Interesting – Plan your day with a little variety particularly mid-morning and mid-afternoon when energy levels are low.

11. Have Some Chocolate – Flavonoids found in cocoa have been shown to boost cognitive skills and improve mood.