Working together to achieve more!

The Power of Team Leverage! At one time or another, every salesperson has had the feeling that they need to fight the entire world, even their own company, to get the order.

The salesperson does the cold calls, makes the connection and gets the order only to be told by customer service, production, shipping and the credit departments that it cannot be done! The salesperson then needs to fight a multitude of internal company battles to get the order out the door.

Often our biggest competitor is our own organization.

The Power of Team Leverage! Talk to your salespeople and you will learn how often this happens in your organization and how many dollars are lost as a result.

Imagine a hockey or baseball team that could not seamlessly work together toward a common end. The resulting mess would end in failure with each member fighting their own teammates for control of the puck or ball. The other team would be laughing all the way to victory.

Rarely have I seen a small company where the sales force operates as a team. Smaller companies are driven to succeed by loaners and rainmakers but more often than not, struggle with mediocre salespeople who lack the training and motivation to do much more than pull their own weight.

Why do larger companies succeed? Well, the reasons are many but one of the fundamental reasons for their success is the level of support and mentoring the larger companies can provide. The focus is not on international competition of an unhealthy kind, but rather tremendous co-support and positive competitive spirit.

Sales managers mentor their team toward success and are also mentored and supported fully by the entire management team.

New hires are carefully selected to ensure they will fit with the company culture and that they have the right stuff. When this is done company-wide, with a focus on team development and a winning attitude, then you just might really have something worth building on!

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