The Power of Numbers

The Power of Numbers is about understanding that powerful results in sales and in business come from taking as many actions as possible.

If one idea is good then ten ideas are great and thirty ideas are amazing! More importantly if all the ideas are leveraged against each other than you will deliver incredible sales power to your business.

My experience is that many organizations choose one course of action and stick with it. Although this thinking can work if you choose the right course of action, my experience has been that a number of actions will provide a better chance of success.

Many companies choose to have a sales rep visit customers and cold call prospects, leaving literature and hoping for a response. Other organizations will choose to participate in one trade show a year, putting all of their eggs into that basket.

The problem with this is that only 3-5% of qualified prospects will be ready to do business with you at the time you contact them. How do you build enough momentum to build a business when only a small percentage are ready at any one time?

What is the best approach to close sales?

Do you call every week, wasting their time and yours until they start to avoid your calls or ask you not to come back?

Do you try one sales attempt and move on?

Do you attend one big trade show and then sit and wait?

No? In building sales it is better to use a wide range of strategies to build awareness of your company, your products and services so that when prospects are ready to buy they will be certain to contact you!

How is this done?

1) Your positioning becomes your position

2) Make your sales calls Professional, Powerful and to the Point!

3) Look and act Successful

4) Educate your prospect on why you are the best choice!

5) Build awareness – think smart!

6) Build a stable of actions and resources!

The sales call…..

followed by…

a an email…

followed by…

an informational mailing….

followed by…

a regular newsletter….

followed by….

an open house or
informational seminar…

followed by..

a telephone call……

followed by…..

another powerful sales visit….

As long as the client remains a viable prospect the cycle should continue.

The sales will follow!

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