Steve jobs was a famous and fanatical self-promoter! He was famous for his bigger than life product launches! As a life long Apple customer I was sorry to see him pass so early but I do wish more people would actually learn something from his life.

Many small and medium businesses are so focused on doing the work, managing the cash flow and just dealing with the day-to-day that very little promotion and marketing is done. The money that is spent on marketing often goes to Goggle Adwords, which is expensive and not effective at building a long-term brand position.

If you want your business to grow you will need to realize that the main role of senior management is to grow the business not do the work. Now, of course, for many small businesses the owner must actually do the work but if your business is to grow this can’t continue.

To grow your business you must get passionate about selling your great products and services and stop being shy about promoting your business. More importantly, you need to regularly dedicate a portion of your time to marketing and sales!

You need to get out there – really!

Think about Lord Sugar, Richard Branson or Donald Trump! All are accomplished business people with investments to manage and a business to run but a huge portion of their time is spent on self-promotion.

Dragon’s Den is made of successful business people but I hope you don’t think they are there to actually find investments! No! They could find better, bigger opportunities anywhere else. They are there to promote themselves.

The higher your profile the easier business becomes! The friendlier the bank manager will be and everyone will take your call! That is the goal.

It is not always easy to be a self-promoter but if you are on LinkedIn (and you must be) this is a great opportunity to connect to everyone (yes, you connect with everyone because anyone could be connected to that magic person that will light your business on fire) and regularly promote all of the great things you are doing in your business.

Build your profile using social media and in-person networking. Get out there and push your business. Promote!

This is not a quick fix it must become part of what you do everyday and you must make a discipline to maintain your activity.

We help businesses to become more sales focused – let me know if I can help!

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