Sales Secret No. 9. Selling Tips

If you understand the meaning of this expression you are already making more money and more profit than your competitors. Selling, like most of life, is straightforward but people like to make it as difficult as possible

Selling is not difficult!

Did you know that most people who are victims of scams have been victims of scams in the past?  Confidence artists know this and trade names of their victims!

The sales lesson of sales Secret No 9 is always go after the easiest, most predictable sale. It is not difficult to develop a profile of the prospect that is most likely to buy – that prospect is the best call you make! The customer who has bought from you is highly likely to buy again but do you have a sales program designed specifically for existing clients?

Again, this seems logical.

As you read this you might be thinking, ‘Of course, I would go after the easiest sale.’ The fact is that most businesses do not!

The easiest sale is a customer who has bought from you before or wants to buy from you but perhaps does not meet the definition of your ‘ideal’ client.

Most businesses spend far less marketing to existing customers than to prospects who have never purchased. The customer attrition rate in most businesses is significant and most business ignore the problem.

What about customers with credit problems?

Businesses will invest significant money in getting a new customer but quickly turn away a long-term loyal customer who runs into short-term credit problem. The smart thing would be to discount or write-off the bad debt and keep the loyal customer. In many cases doing so could cost you less than acquiring a new customer to replace the one you’re throwing away.

Consider the entire Pay Day Loan Industry.

The Payday Loan industry is generating over a billion Pounds profit in the UK. This is profit that could have been the banks but they turned it away.

What about upgrades and add-ons?

Is there an additional product or service that you could be offering your clients that would both deepen your relationship and increase revenue?

I guarantee there is!

How much business is sitting right under your nose and you are ignoring?

With a bit of effort and a well thought out sales process you could instantly increase sales by 10% and maybe much more!

Chase the girl who wants to get caught!  Your chances increase from ‘maybe’ to 100%!

Sell smart!