Sales Secret #4

Ninety percent of this game is half-mental –Yogi Berra

Selling successfully is the combination of hundreds of subtle skills that come together, when needed, to persuade another person to part with their money.

There are many great companies and many great products that struggle or fail because nobody has the ability to sell! The concept that a great service sells itself is unfortunately wrong!


Rather Watch Than Read?


I have listened to thousands of other people pitch and the most common problem is that I struggle to understand where they are going. Too many people just talk seemingly hoping for the person to stop them and buy!

Selling is a target sport – most things in life are from golf to riding a motorcycle.  Know where you are going and focus your efforts in that direction and the chance of getting there increases exponentially.

Mental preparation is everything!

Every client encounter must include a few seconds of preparation that should answer two things:

1)   What do I need to achieve with this particular encounter?

2)   What is my ultimate goal with this client?

A few seconds asking those questions will focus your intention and increase your determination to achieve your goal.

Something magical happens when we have a focus on a goal.  People sense our determination and tend to move in the same direction – this is the basis of the ideas of Positive Thinking and The Law of Attraction.

This is also the power behind cold calling or getting past the gate-keeper!  The more focused we are on where we are going the lower the chance we will be distracted by self-doubt or other people’s agenda. Our focus will also be sensed by others who will think that we have something important to say – this can help with gate keepers! Think about times that you needed to make something happen – an early medical appointment for your child for example – did people get in your way or tend to facilitate your intention?

Ask yourself these two questions before every sales presentation, follow-up phone call, email and text and your delivery will become more focused and effective as will your results!

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