Sales tips

This is a technique that really separates the true Rainmaker from the average salesperson. The Rainmaker is the one in a hundred that can always close the sale – even with the most strident, difficult prospects. They do it using a simple technique that the vast majority of salespeople simply get wrong.

The disruptive question!

Lots of salespeople would classify themselves as ‘consultative’ salespeople. They use a script of predictable questions in an attempt to ‘lead’ the prospect toward the ‘inevitable’ purchase. The problem is that consultative selling doesn’t work any better than any other ‘canned’ sales approach and generally turns off buyers.

The consultative strategy is to get the customer to reveal the ‘pain’ so that the brilliant salesperson can ‘voila’ present the solution! Nope!

Try the disruptive question. 

Let’s use a life insurance example but it will work with any product or service. The prospect tells you that they plan to buy ‘term life’ insurance instead of the more expensive ‘whole life’ and invest the difference. Most salespeople fold because of the logic of the objection and simply write-up the commission destroying term life policy – but a Rainmaker says:

‘Term life insurance is a temporary insurance?…but the problem?…is permanent?”

That’s disruptive! The disruptive question is an uncanny blend of reason and emotion and is one of the most powerful objection destroying techniques available. This is how you get noticed and separate yourself from other salespeople.

This technique can be used to destroy the cheaper option in just about every situation. It takes time and ingenuity to create the right question for your market. Once you have the question it will take resolve to practice the delivery until the timing and emotion of is perfect! But, when you have achieved that – the world of selling you inhabit will change dramatically.