How To Become More Popular

Become More Popular

Do you wish that life were easier? Do you wish you had a wider circle of friends from diverse backgrounds? Do you wish that there were always someone to turn to no matter what challenges you face? Don’t you wish you were more popular?

Many of us think that being popular is somehow a bad thing. That being popular somehow meant being fake, or selling out, or being someone else.  Nothing could be further from the truth. Being popular is simply being likable and the more likeable we are the more people will look on us in a positive way and the more likely they will want to spend time with us and even do more business with us.

When we are likeable and popular selling gets much easier!

1)   Engage everyone everywhere. Being popular is not about being fake with the people who matter but about being warm, authentic and engaging with everyone. This doesn’t mean that you need to become a chatter-box talking everyone ears off – that is not engagement – it is about connecting to everyone authentically. If you begin to make the habit of connecting in a friendly, positive way with everyone from the bus driver, to the receptionist to those you work with life will get much smoother. You will become popular.

2)   Make a wide variety of friends. When we restrict the people we know and connect with we really limit ourselves, our connections and become significantly less interesting. When we connect and engage with a wider group of people we can quickly double, triple and even quadruple our group of friends. The more friends we have the more liked we will be and we will become happier and more confident people.

3)   Never gossip.  Talking about other people can make you feel like you’re popular but nobody will trust you! In the short run you may attract more people but in the long run you will drive people away. Keep your nose out of other people business and focus on being the best person and you will have more friends, be more like, be happier and more a positive person.  Don’t talk about the competition in a negative way – don’t talk about them at all!

4)   Show a sincere interest in others. Most people spend 95 percent of their time thinking about themselves. Spend a bit more time sincerely thinking about other people and how you can truly add value to their lives and their business and people will like you. People are always attracted to people and things that give them more value – more of the things that they want. Spend time listening to other people and learning what is important to them and you will know how to add more value.

5)   Take action immediately. Being bold and taking action is how we change our lives and get things done. Hesitate and you will end up being too late. How many great ideas have waited for action until it was too late – someone else had the same thought and won the day!

6)   Smile. It seems so difficult for some of us to smile. We focus on all the negative things and dream up one reason after the next to frown. Let go of the bad news and the challenges, find the opportunity that is all around you and smile – life will suddenly seem so much easier, so much more fun and you will find that you attract others to your smile!

As my mother Bethany used to say to me as a small boy when I complained I didn’t have anyone to play with – “if you want a friend be a friend.”