There are certain sales environments where I have maintained a close rate of over 95% year in and year out – no matter what the economy!

What is my secret? I know who the customer is and what the customer really wants!

“Where the value is clear, the decision is easy!”

Understand your audience and what they really want and you will get the sale every time! They will, in fact, beg you to give you their money!

DO NOT waste your time talking to people who are not your audience – they won’t care and why should they?

DO NOT present yourself in terms that are important to you. YOU DON’T MATTER! Your customer’s perspective is the only one that matters.

KNOW who your customers are and what is important to them – your message should only be phrased in these terms.

DO NOT try to be all things to all people – you will become nothing to nobody! Understand the value that you can deliver.


People are not stupid, if they are not interested in your proposition don’t spend more money on making the same proposition louder – get a better proposition.

Don’t believe me?

Ask yourself what your own priorities are? Where will you always spend your money? Your children, your pet, you football team, your various vices and addictions? If I understand the reasons are you are hard sell – no!

Here is the take away!

1)    Know to whom you can deliver the highest possible value – nobody else matters!

2)    Phrase your proposition in terms that are important to that market.

3)    Saturate that market before you move on to a new market.

4)    Each market has it’s own value proposition

If you don’t know the answer to these questions then you need a business plan to analyze your business and discover where the real value lay and where your ideal market can be found! Because –

“Where the value is clear, the decision is easy!”

Spending more money on the SAME MESSAGE is NOT the answer!

The Sales Experts