More sales are only a decision away

‘We are what we think about most of the time’ –  this is very easily proven.

Remember back to some time when you purchased a new car or even a close friend made such a purchase – let’s say the car in question is a Volkswagen Beetle. All of a sudden you’re seeing Volkswagen Beatles everywhere. We know that all of these people driving Beatles did not just run out and buy one – they were there all along. We have simply become more aware and highly sensitive to their presence. This is what is what is sometimes called the law of attraction and it explains many, many things in our lives.

What our mind thinks about is what out mind focuses on and so that is what we see in our lives. If our minds are filled with negative things, we focus on the negative people and situations in our world and that is what fills our lives. More sales are only a decision away!

If we see ourselves as limited to a certain income or situation we will focus on the things in the world that represent those limits. If we hear a woman state, “I always meet the wrong type of men” you can be safe in guessing that those are exactly the type of men she is focusing on.

I have a friend who loves to play golf and he is a good player, however, if there is a water hazard next to the tee box it is a certainty that his ball will go there. I know he is thinking, “don’t go into the water.”

More sales are only a decision away!

If you agree that we can set our lives by our thoughts just as we can set the temperature in a room by adjusting the thermostat then I ask you to consider the following – the quality of our thoughts controls the quality of our lives. This can be stated many ways – if we believe or not believe something is possible for us we are correct!

I do not believe that we can use our thoughts to control the universe. Dreaming about winning the lottery does not make that true. If it did we would all be winners! We can, however, control our view of the world and control what becomes the focus of our life. Are we happy people that see the happiness around us or do we smile but worry? If we smile but worry we will focus on problems and those problems will be the focus of our lives.

Does a happily married person cheat? Of course not because their mind just is not there! Winners win, losers lose! This is not because it is their destiny to do so but because that is the ‘default’ setting for their lives. So how do we re-set our default settings to change our lives? Well, like most things in life it is simple but not easy.

Most of us see the world though a view set by our parents. This is why most people never break loose of the social-economic pattern of our parents. This, however, is simply our ‘default’ view of the world and can be changed.

Changing our view of the world involves simply selecting a different view and filling our minds with supporting thoughts and ideas. We can choose to focus on only positive, creative abundance in our lives and just like the Beetle we will begin to focus only on these things and our choices in life will begin to change and so will our world.

This is very simple but very difficult. Many of our thoughts are deeply ingrained and changing the record that plays in our mind can be a challenge. It is, however, completely possible. Starting tomorrow we can all be winners!

This is the most important idea that I have ever written about because it is fundamental to how much success you will find in your life.

It has been studied over history that huge social disruptions that change the world order always come back to the ‘default’ setting. During the French Revolution the rich lost all of their money but within a generation or two the same families had regained their wealth. The rich stay rich and the poor stay poor.

I read recently that people who keep making the same mistakes are stupid.

This is not true.

Of course if you keep thinking that two plus two equals five when you have been told it is four you may be stupid but if you keep choosing the wrong life partner then it maybe it is your sub-conscious mind that is tripping you up. The ‘patterns’ in our lives rarely change and the result often leaves us dumbfounded.

Why do I choose the wrong partner, why can I never get out of debt, why can I not loose weight? These choices are not usually a matter of smart or stupid but rather our awareness of what we focus on and our decision to change that focus.

Abused children become adults who abuse – this is a fact! Why? The answer is this is that abuse is their ‘default’ understanding of the world.

We should also know that how we act has a permanent affect on the choices our children make – our actions do have power!

We can change our world instantly and permanently but we must understand that patterns run deep and we will go back to the default patterns when we are tired or stressed or simply relax our vigilance. It may take a lifetime of awareness to completely reset our view of the world but it is possible.

Our world is also affected by those that we share it with. Are the people around you glass half full or half empty people. Do you find yourself listening to people who complain or who are making plans?

If we want to change the way we view the world it helps if we choose to be around people whose view of the world is on that we aspire to. Keep negative people away! Do not hire them! If you have them on your team get rid of them – sooner rather than later!

Sometimes life can seem very long but it is not! We have many, many opportunities to make our lives different but eventually we all run out of time.

What do you want your life to be?

By choosing what you think about and how you think about those things you will set the direction of your life. If you choose to think about life in a positive, solution-oriented, energetic way your life will become just that. When you become focused only on the positive things around you and the positive outcomes in your life you will instantly see changes.

Those around you will see the same changes and their responses will leverage themselves to create more positive outcomes in your life. Customer will like you and want to do more business with you. Employees, managers and co-workers will like you more and want to help to succeed. Positive, energetic people will be attracted to your style and energy and more positive energy will flow into your life.

We have all had negative experiences in our life. Some of us have been hurt, cheated and abused – life is hard and often cruel and often for no reason. Many of us have understandable reasons for the pain and negativity we carry around. Unfortunately negativity does not serve us – certainly not in sales.

The power of our thoughts is enormous! Think about using those thoughts to change your life, your business and those you touch!

“Men and women are not prisoners of fate, but
only prisoners of their own minds.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

How we see ourselves and how we think about our lives determines much!

If we can choose how and what we think about why not think about yourself in a positively and full of potential.

Imagine tripling your sales and expanding your business! Imagine running a marathon and getting in the best shape of your life! Imagine creating a world filled with honesty, respect and success all because you decide to change your thinking, to let go of thoughts and points of view that no longer serve you.

A new you is one thought away!

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