How to recognise your real competition

Your biggest competitor is on your tail!

No matter how well your business is performing in this challenging environment, every business faces competition. The biggest competitor is one that you may not recognise.

Every event you attend he is there! As well getting in the way of building meaningful relationships, he whispers comments just over your shoulder to distract your efforts, undermining  your confidence.

He is really annoying!

He is never on the invitation lists but always seems to get invited to all of the events. Especially those that you consider important. When invited to give a presentation he always seems to find a space at the back of the room making faces in an effort to make you lose focus and concentration. I hate that the most!

Sometimes he finds a way, you don’t know how, to interfere with customer and employee relations causing all kind of arguments that probably were not necessary. He also uses his vast network to distract you and send negative people and circumstances into your life. You are sure that he somehow finds a way to refer the very worst customers ( those crazy headache customers who can never be satisfied ) to your business.

You recognise him everywhere but you cannot seem to describe him. You can feel him, at times, following you on the street and probably listening to your phone calls. He is always finding a way to manipulate you so that your productivity declines, you lose your temper and worst of all causing you to do things that you really shouldn’t – he has gotten you into serious trouble on a few occasions.

It seems that if you could only get rid of him that you could finally prosper!

The good news is you can!

The trick is to recognise him because if he is spotted, recognised and confronted he will leave – possibly for good!

Go do it now.

Look at the screen of your smartphone, towards the window or better yet – a mirror!

Yes, there he is!

Too many of us feel that we are being held back by others; the competition, the economy, our circumstance, and more. These are factors, but by far the most significant is our view and approach to business, others and ourselves. Do we have fears, do we lack self-esteem in certain areas, do we lose our temper or act in any way whatsoever that is not in our best interest?  Our course we do!

I work with many businesses helping them to grow and I have seen that the fastest return we will ever get is to work on our own performance first (and more importantly our attitude towards ourselves, others and our view of the world)   because this is completely within our control.

Get better!