Website traffic is not everything and it is certainly not money in the bank, however, the more people who visit your website the more that could be converted to paying customers.

For Years I did what everyone else does with websites.  I built an attractive site, wrote some compelling content, added a blog and listed my website on all of my marketing material. I did the basics and my traffic was really consistent – about 90 visitors per day.

I tried different paid programs from time to time and would see a bump in traffic but the rate would always return to the normal flow of traffic.

Then, I tried something different. Instead of writing the normal blogs posts with my thoughts on Sales Development and Sales Recruitment I wrote a post with the particular goal of getting as much attention and traffic as possible. I did my research and invested about two days to write ‘101 LinkedIn Tips, Tricks and Strategies For Success’ I made certain to make use of keywords and to write really useful and compelling content. I read lots of great articles and compiled the lists of the very best ideas combined with my own knowledge and experience.

I then spent two hours to do the following:

  1. Published the article on my website blog
  2. Shared it on 100 LinkedIn Groups
  3. Tweeted a link with different compelling Tweets every thirty minutes for 24 hours using Hootsuite
  4. Shared on Facebook, Stumbleupon, Digg, Pininterest, 30 other social networks.
  5. Shared it on SubmitYourArticle and three other article submission websites that repost the article with links everywhere.
  6. Asked my network to visit the post and to share it to their networks

Then it happened! 

Watching the stats page on my WordPress site I could see the visitors climb by the minute at one point reaching 3,400 visitors in one hour and reaching 10,761 visitors for that day. Over the next few days the visits declined but the average per day are now well over 300. That single article was also reposted and linked on more that 600 other sites creating permanent backlinks to my site (great for my Google ranking) and creating a stream of new visitors that find my site everyday.

It is not necessary to write Pulitzer Prize winning content just content that people find compelling.  Just look at some of the crazy Youtube videos getting millions of hits and making people famous – not quality, just compelling!

Compelling, relevant, content really is king on the Internet but combined with fully leveraged social media and you can create a powerful marketing tool – traffic!

In a world where the gatekeepers are more challenging everyday our ability to get people to come to us is more important than ever.  Social Media is a sales tool and the best sales professionals, The Rainmakers, are leveraging Social Media to increase face-to-face time with prospects and customers.

If you want to chat about how you could improve your sales by using social media, improved selling skills or by recruiting the very best sales talent just get in touch! How to achieve these results are also part of my full-day sales seminar The Rainmaker. I also offer bespoke training programs for companies as well as telephone coaching.