Do you wish your emails received a better response? Do you wish your emails would at least get opened? Are you ready to give up on email marketing altogether? 

If so, these five tips will help you get significantly better results!

Emails are still a very powerful form of business communication but even the best offer dies if nobody opens your emails! Write compelling content without the right subject line and your emails will still die in the inbox never opened!

Here are five strategies you can use to get a huge increase in your open and read rates and ultimately your sales results:

1)   Solve a problem. Get into the shoes of your customer. Stop pushing what you want and start talking about what is important to them. Make a list of the top problems facing your customers and phrase your subject line with a compelling phrase that addresses their biggest concerns! Don’t talk about what you can do for them talk about what they need! We all want to get rid of our problems!

2)   Be provocative. This is always a matter of balance and be careful that you don’t go too far. Write down the six most provocative subject lines you can thing of and then ask your colleagues to vote on the best – this will keep you from going over the top! The last thing you want are opens but with the effect of turning off your customer.

3)   Four words to avoid. Never use free, help, percentage off and reminder. These are over used and are also triggers for spam filters. Don’t sell – captivate!

4)   Don’t USE CAPITALS! Using capitals is the equivalent to screaming and is a major turn off. In fact, research suggests that all lower case is the way to go!

5)   Keep it short. Most mobile phones will cut the subject off at 25 characters and so don’t exceed this number. Plus short snappy subject lines are the way to go.

Ultimately, every industry and geographical area will have different open rates so test. Most mail programs like iContact and MailChimp will allow you to organize spilt runs so that you can test the open rate on different subject lines.

Don’t forget the ‘from’ field. Make it from an individual not from an organization. People are much more likely to read mail from an individual.

Ultimately your email should have solid content or your open rate will suffer over time! Content is king! A compelling subject line plus rich content and you will develop a solid group of regular readers that will look for your emails and even forward them to friends and colleagues!